What is an Offline (Supervisory) Malfunction trouble condition and How To Resolve

What is a Malfunction and How to Resolve

The Malfunction trouble condition indicates a device (an RF sensor, Z-Wave, Geo-Device, etc.) is unable to properly communicate.

Generally speaking, the issue can be resolved via the following means:

  1. Verify that the device is still active and powered on.
  2. Power cycle the device.
  3. Verify there is nothing that could be interfering with communication, such as range (distance from sensor to panel, or Z-Wave device to nearest repeating node).
  4. If applicable, verify the batteries are charged. If uncertain, try replacing the batteries. Borderline low battery levels on alarm sensors and Z-wave locks are a common cause of intermittent signal trouble.

RF Sensor Malfunction or Sensor Offline trouble condition indicates a security sensor may be having trouble communicating with the alarm system. This is caused when the regular supervision signals from the sensor to the panel are interrupted. This status can be persistent or intermittent.

Common causes are below:

  • Distance: Ensure that the sensor is within range of the alarm panel.
  • Attenuation: Objects of home construction may be blocking the frequency transmission between the sensor and the panel.
    • Metal (HVAC, wire, etc.)
    • Large Appliances (TVs, Refrigerators, etc.)
    • Mirrors
  • Drained battery: Battery can be borderline low and not report a low battery to the system but still cause a malfunction.

Steps to resolve:

  1. Verify the sensor is installed well within range from the panel, and/or try relocating the sensor closer to the panel.
  2. Avoid large metal sources near the sensor or panel.
  3. If it is a door or smoke sensor, try changing the plane of the sensor’s wireless communication with the panel by rotating the sensor 90 degrees. If it is a motion sensor, try moving it to a different wall.
  4. Replace the batteries.
  5. Delete from programming, then re-add

Z-Wave device is in malfunction or offline

If a Z-Wave device is showing that it is offline, then it is not responding to commands or communicating with the Z-Wave network.
As soon as a response is received from a malfunctioning Z-Wave device, it is automatically put back into online status.

  1. Verify the device has power and is turned on.
  2. Verify the Z-Wave device is within range of the Z-Wave network.
  3. Verify if a successful network rediscovery has been performed recently.
  4. If a Z-Wave device is still offline after attempts at network rediscovery, it may be necessary to delete and relearn the Z-Wave device in order to bring it back online.

Refer to the below guides for proper Z-Wave network setup and panel specific instructions to Add/Remove devices and run a Z-Wave Network Rediscovery.