2GIG Thin Door Contact Offline, Then Online

At 2:49 AM EDT Saturday the mobile app reported one Thin Door Contact went offline, and I think it said the reason was ‘malfunction’. (The message is no longer there.) Then at 1:36 PM Sunday the sensor was reported back online and now looks normal in the app and Alarm.com website. No alarm was triggered. Is there something I should do about this?

I’m not at this location this week otherwise I would have already opened, closed, tested etc. But my concern is whether or not the sensor is reliable. A month or so ago I had a door contact at my current location trigger a false alarm by reporting itself as opened, when it wasn’t.

I’d also be interested in why one sensor would trip a false open, while another would apparently signal ‘malfunction’ and be properly handled and put offline. But then why is it back online? (All my door contacts are the same 2GIG model.)

Thanks in advance.

Offline is a common condition with a variety of potential causes. Read about offline status and how to troubleshoot here:

OK Jason I’ll do that. Might be more than a week until I get back to that location. After I check it out, I’ll post up what I do or don’t find.


I replaced the sensor batteries six weeks ago and it hasn’t reported ‘offline’ again. So I’m assuming that was it. Thanks again.