What Cameras can I use with Alarm.com?

All Alarm.com IP cameras, the 2GIG-HD100 and most analog cameras with a BNC connection (when attached to an Alarm.com video server) are compatible. The Alarm.com Video servers do not support the HDCVI (HD over Coax) input type.

There is currently no way to make an IP camera that is not an Alarm.com video device work with the Alarm.com video service platform.

Alarm.com IP video devices include: ADC-V520, ADC-V520IR, ADC-V521IR, ADC-V522IR, ADC-V523, ADC-V620PT, ADC-V622, ADC-V720, ADC-V720W, ADC-V721W, ADC-V722W, ADC-V723, ADC-VC725, ADC-V820, ADC-V821, ADC-VC825, ADC-VC826, ADC-VC836, ADC-VC726, ADC-VC736, ADC-VS120, ADC-VS121, ADC-VS420, ADC-VDB101/2 and ADC-VDB105/6.