Panel and sensor compatibility

Will the Qolsys IQP4001 work with the 2gig 345 window door sensors?

as of right now no they haven’t release a 345 version how many door/window sensors do u have? Reason I ask if it’s not many and u want switch to IQ4 u could just replace the sensors with either IQ 319 or Powerg but if u have a lot u might wanna look in to a Wireless to Wireless Translator

I have several but don’t mind changing. Which brand is better. 2gig or the iq

I actually like Both as far as Cost goes IQ is cheaper but better is Powerg

What about panel make? I have a gc2 right now and need to go to lte so thinking about just getting new panel. I’d love something I could use Google or ring cameras with but don’t think that’s an option right now. Reason I mention those cameras is they have battery power option.

I would go with Either The 2gig Edge which would allow u to use current sensors or my personal recommendation get the New IQ panel 4 it’s a big upgrade than the 2gig gc2 panel an as far as Cameras unfortunately No Google cameras and Ring Cameras won’t integrate with as someone who has used Ring cameras there not bad at all but Alarm.Com cameras r really good

A 345Mhz version of the IQ Panel 4 is expected soon, but there is no ETA yet.

Currently the IQ Panel 2+ 345Mhz version is still available though it will be discontinued soon.

We recommend (and only sell) IQ Panels at this time. You can use any compatible panel with our service however, if you obtain a 2GIG Edge or if you wish to continue using the GC2.

There are no battery only camera options for