Can I Use AT&T Digital Life Equipment with and Surety

The alarm panel provided is not compatible and would need to be replaced. Additionally, that provider appears to use a variety of wireless sensors (433, Zigbee, etc) but all of them are propietary and/or not compatible with

A list of compatible panels can be found here:

What existing equipment can I still use?

In all likelyhood wireless sensors will need to be replaced. If any wired sensors are in use with your system, they should be able to be taken over using a wired to wireless takeover module.

Its worth noting that Z-Wave devices paired with panels should work with another panel (with Z-Wave) just fine. You will want to check compatibility guides related to the new panel to be sure.

Another thing to keep in mind is Video Cameras . If you are using cameras currently, note that only compatible cameras can be used with Surety. A list of those cameras can be found here.

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