Recommended Shopping List to Migrate from ADT Alarm/Pulse

Looking to migrate from ADT Alarm and Pulse system and need to get a list of all of the additional equipment needed for a successful transition.

I want to keep the central monitoring and home automation capabilities.

As far as I can tell, the ADT installed system is Vista 20P. Most sensors are hardwired and the wireless ones are Honeywell 5800 series. I do have the master installer code and added additional Honeywell 5800 sensors (CO, smoke, flood, broken window detection), Honeywell 6160 Alpha panels and Pulse Z-Wave light switches and cameras over the years.

Here are some pics:

A similar topic is found here:

You can get started using most existing equipment with an system enhancement module. We do not currently stock the system enhancement module, but it is available from other online vendors. A guide to installation of the ADC SEM-300 is below:

Pulse cameras and the communication gateway are incompatible.

Cameras would need to be replaced by compatible models.

If you have standard Honeywell 6160 keypads they would be fine, however issues have been noted with the prox reader version of the 6160VPADT keypads. Make sure to check the exact model number on the keypad board in case any troubleshooting is needed later.

Another option would be replacing with a 345Mhz compatible panel such as the 345Mhz version of the IQ Panel 4 here. Hardwired zones could be reused with a compatible wired to wireless translator, like the 2GIG TAKE-345 or the IQ PowerG Hardwire.

Thank you, Jason. I do have the original standard Honeywell 6160 keypads, so that works. I don’t mind abandoning the cameras either.

I will replace one of the 6160VPADTs with an 345Mhz IQ Panel 4 .

Is it still possible to use a standard 6160 as a secondary control panel for disarming/arming (its hardwired in a separate zone that doesn’t have a good cell signal)?

Based on the threads you referenced, here is my shopping list - am I missing anything?

Based on the threads you referenced, here is my shopping list - am I missing anything?

The SEM and the IQ Panel 4 are mutually exclusive.

You would either reuse the existing Vista system and 6160 keypads with the SEM-300, OR replace the existing system with the IQ Panel 4 and Hardwire translator, just reusing sensors. 6160 keypads cannot be used with the IQ Panel 4. Use an IQR-PG (the new IQ Remote keypad) for additional keypad locations.

Either way cameras would not be compatible.

Thank you, Jason. Please confirm that the IQ4 (345MHz) can replace the ADT Pulse Netgear and will be able to control any compatible Z-Wave devices (but not the existing cameras).

Here’s my updated shopping list:

Yep, the IQ Panel 4 has a Z-wave radio. officially supports the devices in this list.

The IQ Panel 4 has built in wifi and cellular. The Pulse gateway would not be used at all.

Thank you, Jason.

So my shopping list has everything I need (without cameras)?

For what you have described, yes. The 345Mhz version of the IQ Panel 4 will be compatible with existing 5800 series sensors.