Surety Default Central Monitoring Procedure

The default procedure followed by our operators can be found below:

BURGLARY & RESIDENTIAL FIRE: Call order as shown on your System Manager professional monitoring page. The contact order will be as follows:

  1. Two Way Voice (if enabled)
  2. Premise Number (if provided)
  3. Cell Contact(s)

Police/Fire authorities will be called where indicated in your contact list. This will always be after Two Way Voice and Premise Phone Number (if applicable) but can be at any point before or after cell contacts. Note that in some areas it is required that two contact methods are first attempted. We recommend having at least two numbers called before dispatch.

If an Abort signal (disarm) is received following a burglary alarm event, which indicates one of your authorized users has disarmed the system, it will be accepted as confirmation and the alarm signal will be disregarded. You will not receive a call from operators.

If there is no answer for any contact method or wrong passcode given operators will dispatch.

DURESS/PANIC: Dispatch Police, call Contact List.

ENVIRONMENTAL/TEMPERATURE: Call Premise to notify, if no answer call Contact List.

CARBON MONOXIDE: Notify Premise, if no Premise number or no answer, call dispatch then call contacts. Dispatch occurs in all cases for safety as CO cannot be verified by user.

COMMERCIAL FIRE: Two Way Voice, Call Premise, if no answer or no Premise number, Dispatch Fire, dispatch Security if applicable, call Contact List.

MEDICAL: Two Way Voice, Call Premise, Dispatch Medical, call Contact List.

POWER FAIL: Logs to history ( notifications for system events would apply)

LOW SYSTEM BATTERY: Logs to history { notifications for system events would apply)

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