Firmware Release Information - GC3

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Firmware updates for the GC3 can be performed via USB Flash Drive.

2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.01

Support for Image Sensor
The GC3 panel now supports the Image Sensor. The 2GIG-IMAGE2 powered by combines the capabilities of a wireless PIR motion detector and a digital still camera. The Image Sensor offers traditional motion detection combined with visual confirmation of why the motion sensor was activated. To use the Image Sensor with GC3 the system requires the new 2GIG-XCVR3-GC3 to be installed.
NOTE: The 2GIG-IMAGE2 will NOT work with GC2 panels.
NOTE: The 2GIG-IMAGE1 will NOT work with GC3 panels.

Support for additional Thermostat
The GC3 firmware now supports the T2000 thermostat.
General Enhancements
• Improved Two-way Voice performance when switching between modes
• Improved Two-way Voice performance when using Listen mode with 3G radios
• Fixed issue with switching temperature to Celsius (Q24: Temperature display units)
• Improved performance of Periodic Test Reporting (Q36: Periodic Test)
• Various system performance enhancements

2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.02

Support for LTE Cell Radio
The GC3 panel now supports an LTE Cell Radio. The 2GIG-LTEV-A-GC3 works with on the Verizon network to
providing the latest cell technology available. The patent-pending CellSled cell radio is easily replaced by a technician or
even a home owner for easy upgrades.

Support for additional Z-Wave Devices
The GC3 firmware now supports the following additional ZWave devices:

  • GoControl Garage Door Controller – GD00Z-5
  • Yale Lock Models – YRD210, YRD220, YRD 240, YRL 220
  • Schlage Lock Models – BE468, FE599
  • AEON Labs DSC24-ZWUS, DSC06100ZWUS

System Pairing & Network Settings

  • Two new features in the GC3 firmware have been added to support secondary touchscreens. System Pairing and
    Network Settings will be used to securely pair and connect upcoming touchscreens.
    NOTE: Connecting to a WiFi network using Network Settings will allow connection to secondary touchscreens. It does not
    connect to

General Enhancements

  • Improved Two-way Voice performance when switching between modes
  • Eliminated beeps after firmware update completion
  • Various system performance enhancements

2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.1

Support for WiFi Broadband connectivity
The GC3 firmware can be connected to a customer’s Wifi broadband network allowing for dual-path alarm reporting (if the back-end provider allows). GC3 allowed OTA updates via cell as well as via USB at launch. This feature will add the ability to update the panel over a broadband connection. The broadband update will follow the same rules as a firmware update initiated over cell.

Support SP1 secondary touch panel
The GC3 firmware now supports the SP1 wireless secondary touch panel ( 2GIG-SP1-GC3).

French Language support
The GC3 firmware now supports French language.

Additional Security Sensor Support
The following sensors are now supported by GC3:
– Bypass Door Window Sensor (2GIG-DW40-345)
– Flood/Temp Sensor (2GIG-FT1-345)

Additional Zwave device support

– Kwikset 914/916 locks

– RCS TZ45 Thermostat
– ADC RTS ( remote temperature sensor)

Switches and Lighting
– WS15Z5-1 (500 series switch)
– WT00Z5-1 (500 series 3-way switch)
– WA00Z-1 (2 button battery powered scene controller)
– WO15EMZ5-1 (500 series plug-in module with energy monitoring)
– PD300EMZ5-1 (500 series plug-in dimmer with energy monitoring)
– WD500Z5-1 (500 series in-wall dimmer)
– GE Lamp Module ZW3101-WCS
– Vision XL7201US/ZL71001US

– Everspring Siren SE812-2
– Fortrezz Siren SSA1/SSA2

2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.1.1

General Updates and Improvements

  • Improvements to Cellular Connectivity and Coverage
  • Feature Enhancement for Wi-Fi and expanded support for 3rd Party Routers
  • User Configurable Chimes
  • Support for 2GIG-TILT1-345
  • Improvements to Alarm History and Alerts

2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.1.2

The following features are supported with GC3 3.1.2 firmware release:

  • Spanish Language and localization improvements
  • Repeater support (RPTR-1)
  • WiFi improvements including connectivity fixes with touchscreens SP1 and SP2
  • Fixed an intermittent frozen display bug
  • Zwave enhancements

2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.1.3

Adds the follow improvements:

  • Support for LTE CAT1 cellular radio, on Verizon for (SKU 2GIG-LTEV1-A-GC3)
  • OTA enhancements
  • SP1 network connectivity enhancements

2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.2

There is a known issue which can cause the panel to mishandle Interior Follower zone types during entry delay. If you use motion detectors in areas between your entry point and the panel, do not use this update, or program motion detectors as zone type (10) Interior with Delay.

New Feature: Smart Areas, 2GIG’s new partitioning solution

Partitioning is the process of dividing security sections of a home or building into smaller areas so that users can arm some sections of the house while leaving other areas disarmed. This provides home and building owners both security and convenience, as it allows them to walk through their structure without the concern of tripping alarms for areas they’d like to keep secure and armed. Smart Areas is shipped disabled by default to allow our dealer partners the flexibility to provide service where needed. Smart Areas can be enabled from Installer Programming Question (Q69).

Some examples of Smart Areas (Partitioning) use cases include:
» Arming a section of a room that contains a safe that contains gun collections or valuables. These areas may not be accessed as frequently as the other areas in the room.
» Having a portion of the home designated for use by others, such as guests or property rentals. Partitioning enables the homeowner to arm some sections of the house they’d like to be ‘off limits’ to other people.
» Disarming the garage while the homeowner is at work to allow a package to be delivered and stored safely on the premises.
» Secure swimming pool or spa area to help reduce the risk of drowning accidents. In California, it is now required that newly-built pools and spas include at least one safety measure, including an alarm.

Enhancements and Defect Resolutions:

  1. GC3 now supports 8 Keypads (any combination of SP1, SP2, and PAD1)
  2. Z-Wave enhancements
    a. Improved Z-Wave performance of network rediscovery.
    b. Improved battery utilization with certain battery powered Z-Wave devices (EchoLink and RTS)
  3. Resolved various localization defects with French and Spanish
  4. Broadband Network programming questions Q33, Q34, Q35 are now supported on AirFx
  5. General Networking improvements, and resolved a GC3 Access Point startup failure, when GC3 Wi-Fi broadband is active

2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.2.1

There is a known issue which can cause the panel to mishandle Interior Follower zone types during entry delay. If you use motion detectors in areas between your entry point and the panel, do not use this update, or program motion detectors as zone type (10) Interior with Delay.

New Features: Screen Saver
• Screen Saver - Play user photo slideshows in standby mode
o The Screen Saver feature allows for the homeowner to add their personal photos to the GC3
and SP1 keypads and photos will display as a slideshow on the panel/s.
o New options have been added to the “Screen” settings in “System Settings” to add photos and set
the “My Photos” settings.
o Photos are added to the panel via USB.
o Photos are loaded independently on the GC3 and each SP1 allowing for a different set of photos
to display on each panel.

Enhancements and Defect Resolutions:

  1. Resolved panel intermittent display of “panel has no battery” trouble.
  2. Resolved rare intermittent 2-way voice quality issue.
  3. Resolved Access Point intermittently turning off after exiting Low Power Mode.

Update Process:

  1. USB update available on 2GIG website (link above)
    a. Any GC3 version can be updated to FW 3.2.1 from USB.
  2. OTA update from
    a. FW version 3.2.1 OTA update from has some restrictions. 3.2.1 is only available
    over the broadband connection (WiFi, or Ethernet LAN). 3.2.1 OTA from is not
    available for updates over Cellular connection.
    b. Panels must update to version 3.1.3 (over cellular or broadband) to take advantage of Highspeed
    broadband OTA update. High speed broadband OTA updates are offered at no charge to the

2GIG GC3 Firmware 3.2.3

New Features:

AT&T LTE 4G, 6 digit pin, and support of additional eSeries sensors

Added support for the AT&T LTE 4G on [Model # 2GIG-LTEA-A-GC3]

Added support for additional sensors:
2058 – eSeries Smoke Detector (USA)
2061 – eSeries Tilt Sensor
2065 – eSeries Flood Sensor
2067 – eSeries Repeater
2069 – eSeries FireFighter SMKT/CO Listener
2070 – eSeries Water Sensor
2860 – eSeries CO Detector (USA)
2865 – eSeries Outdoor Door/Window Sensor
2864 – eSeries Panic
2873 – eSeries Takeover Module

Support for 6 digit pin codes:
Installer Question #71 added “Security pin code length”
Default: 4 Digits
Option: 6 Digits

When switching to 6 digit codes all existing codes will be appended with “11”
6 Digit Master Code default: 111111
6 Digit Installer Code default: 156111

Console Restore will not restore Q71. If panel is set for 6-digit pin and reset the “Console” the panel will
remain set to 6-digit pin. Q71 will reset to default of 4-digit if “Users” are reset to default.

Enhancements and Defect Resolutions:

  1. Resolved panel intermittent lock up of SP1 keypads
  2. Resolved Alarm buttons on partitions screen does not respond after the panel is disarmed
  3. Resolved any trouble associated with zones removed from the panel would not clear