How to Upgrade to a 4G LTE Cellular Module for the 3G Sunset

The 3G technology sunset is fast approaching for 3G AT&T and Verizon cellular modules.

Some time in 2022 these 3G cellular modules will no longer communicate with, meaning you will need to upgrade your panel’s 3G cellular module before that time.

More often than not this will require a new 4G LTE module and firmware update. For some users however, a new panel would be required.

When ready to use the new module, existing Surety customers can login to their Surety account and access the module swap tool via the System Manager feature.

2GIG Go!Control or GC2

Users with a 2GIG Go!Control or GC2 will need a new 4G LTE module and likely need a firmware update. New modules at the time of this writing require that the panel firmware be at 1.19 or above.

Updates to firmware can be done via the 2GIG USB Firmware Update Cable locally using a PC or via an Over The Air update. This OTA update would need to be done prior to upgrading the module as the panel needs to be able to communicate with in order to receive the OTA.

For existing Surety customers looking to update firmware via OTA, please submit your request via Private Message or shoot us an email at

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We offer the 4G LTE Verizon module as well as the 2GIG USB Update Cable


Much like its predecessor, the 2GIG GC3 will require a new 4G LTE cell sled as well as a firmware update.

At the time of this writing, new 4G LTE cell sleds require the panel to be at firmware 3.1.3 or higher in order to be compatible.

Firmware is updated via USB drive locally (FW file saved in the root directory of a USB drive with no partitions)

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We offer the 2GIG 4G LTE Verizon cell sled via our storefront.

Qolsys IQ Panel (Gen 1)

Users with the original Qolsys IQ Panel panel would need to replace the panel entirely, as the cellular module in these panels is not modular and cannot be replaced.

We recommend the new Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ with 319.5Mhz radio . This version includes a 4G LTE radio, as well as a legacy 319.5Mhz radio for existing Qolsys or GE RF sensors.

Note, if you have an IQ secondary panel paired with your Gen 1 panel, this would need to be replaced as well. The IQ Remote (QW9104-840) would be compatible.

Interlogix Concord 4

For users with the Concord 4, you would be looking for the 600-1053-LTE-VZ 4G LTE cellular module.

Should replacement be desired/necessary, we recommend the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ (QS9201-1208-840) which is compatible with 319.5Mhz sensors and includes a 4G LTE cellular module.

Interlogix, Simon XT/XTi/XTi5

For users with the Simon series panels, look for the 4G LTE 600-1048-XT-LTE-VZ cellular module.

Note, for users with the Simon XT, the minimum panel firmware requirement to work with a 4G module is 1.3. You can confirm the panel’s firmware by scrolling through the menu until you get to Revision.

Simon XT users with firmware below 1.3 would need to replace the panel in its entirety as the firmware cannot be updated.

Should replacement be desired/necessary, we recommend the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ (QS9201-1208-840) which is compatible with 319.5Mhz sensors and includes a 4G LTE cellular module.

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What if I want to upgrade my existing panel?

If you are looking to upgrade to a newer, more robust panel that supports 4G LTE cellular technology, we recommend the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+.

In addition to the 4G LTE cellular module, this panel includes RF, PowerG, W-Fi, Bluetooth, and Z-wave radios for communication with a variety of devices and sensors.

The panel supports multiple partitions, enhanced encryption for RF sensor communication as well as Video to the panel with a selection of compatible cameras, like the SkyBell video doorbell.

If you are currently using 319.5Mhz RF sensors, like Qolsys or GE sensors, then the QS9201-1208-840 version of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ would be a great replacement.

Users with 2GIG or Honeywell sensors (345Mhz) can switch to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+ QS9201-5208-840 model of the panel includes the 345Mhz RF radio on the Verizon network.