Backup and Restore Process for Qolsys Brand Panels (IQ Panel Gen 1, IQ Panel 2, IQ Panel 4

This guide covers the process of swapping from an older Qolsys brand panel to a newer one.

What can be Backed up and Restored?

Because the architecture is similar between the different models, it is possible to have a backup of your panel settings run and then applied to the newer panel.

  • Qolsys Gen 1 → IQ Panel 2/2+

    • User Codes and RF Sensor programming
  • Qolsys Gen 1 → IQ Panel 4

    • Not Supported
  • Qolsys IQ Panel 2/2+ → IQ Panel 4

    • User codes and RF Sensor Programming
    • IQ Panel 2/2+ must be at firwmare 2.6.0 or above first in order to restore
    • Image Sensors must be removed from programming before the backup.
    • Must have the same legacy radio installed ex, 319.5 to 319.5, or 345 to 345.
  • Qoslys IQ Panel 4 → Qolsys IQ Panel 4

    • Must have the same legacy radio installed ex, 319.5 to 319.5, or 345 to 345.

What Can’t be Backed Up?

While sensor programming and user codes can be backed up and restored, it is not possible to pass along Image Sensor settings, Z-Wave device settings, or IQ Remote programming to the panel.

  • Image Sensors learned into older panels would need to be removed from programming prior to running the back up. The Qolsys IQ Panel 4 is not compatible with image sensors and passing that information can cause the backup to fail.

  • Z-wave settings are not passed to the new panel. All Z-Wave devices need to be removed from the network and added to the new panel’s network manually. This should be done after doing a backup/restore.

For Surety subscribers, to start the process, submit a request to us via Private Message. The process can be started during normal business hours.

The process is as follows:

  • Surety runs a backup of current settings, sends confirmation to user.
    • Panel must be on and communicating with
  • User powers down both panels completely and confirms via PM and includes the new panel’s 15-digit IMEI number.
  • Surety sends restoral commands to new panel.
  • Power up new panel completely, wait 15-30 minutes for restoral process.
    • You will know the process is nearing completion when the last of the sensors populates. Wait about 5 more minutes for Users to be restored.
  • Run cell test to ensure communication. Wait 20 minutes after cell test.
  • Restoral commands complete, new panel has sensors and user codes.

That’s the gist of it. More information on the process is found below. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it before requesting the process. Failure to do so can result in restoral commands failing.

The Restore and Swap Process

  1. Once you have removed any Image Sensors from panel programming, Surety users can request a backup of settings. Backups can be run during normal business hours. Once the backup has been run, we will follow up to confirm.

  2. Then, when ready to swap to the new panel, send us a request via Private Message along with the new panel’ cellular module number (IMEI).

    • Confirm that both the old panel and the new panel are completely powered down, transformer first then the internal battery.
    • The panel swap process can be done during normal business hours.
  3. We will send commands to pass the backup to the new panel. Once complete we will follow up via email to confirm. Leave both panels powered down during this time. We will instruct when to power up when sending confirmation that the process has begun. Failure to do so will result in restoral failure.

  4. After confirmation has been received, power up the new panel, battery first then transformer. Wait about 15 minutes after booting up the panel. Leave the old panel off.

  5. Run a cell test at the new panel then wait about 20 minutes for all commands to complete.

    • There will not be a notification that the Backup Restore process has finished but you will know that it has completed once all sensors have shown up in the new panel.

Some things to consider

  • Do not program the new panel prior to having the restore sent. If the panel has sensors already learned into it, the process can fail.
  • The backup restore process is done over cellular. Should it fail, it is unlikely to succeed a second time, although we are happy to try.
  • If backing up and restoring PowerG sensor programming, PowerG sensors will need to be tampered after the restoral to resync with the panel.
  • In Step 5, Wi-fi at the panel may need to be disabled prior to running the cell test.
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