How to Switch to Surety Monitoring Services

Surety is a DIY, service provider. Security monitoring service through Surety requires:

  • An compatible panel
  • With an unregistered, 4G LTE cellular module.
    • Modules are registered when they are tied to an existing account.
    • Typically, cancelling service unregisters the module. Any existing account must be cancelled before activation.
  • The ability to run a cellular communication test.
    • Requires the Master User Code or Installer Code.

A list of compatible panels that can be used through Surety can be found here:

I have compatible equipment not tied to existing service

If you already have equipment, you can check the status of your cellular module via our Module Check Tool to determine if your system is eligible for service.

If you aren’t sure how to find your 4G LTE cellular radio’s 15-digit IMEI number, see here:

You can purchase a new service plan to get started.

As long as you have an unregistered 4G LTE module installed, it takes about 5 minutes to go from plan purchase to creating the new account and getting connected. Account setup is done through the Surety website.

Getting Started with a Qolsys panel

Getting Started with a 2GIG Go!Control and 2GIG GC2

Getting Started with a 2GIG GC3

I have existing service and I want to transfer to Surety

It may be possible to have your existing account transferred to Surety. Not all service providers support account transfers, you will want to find out from your current service provider if they will support it.

If they do, follow the steps on transferring your account via this page here.

Transferring will allow you to keep your current account settings (rules, scenes, notifications, etc.). This will also allow you to continue using a 3G module if that is installed in your panel, up until the sunset date.

I have a system that is not compatible, what do I do?

There are a variety on non compatible systems out there. Many of them use proprietary signal frequencies and equipment.

If the panel you possess is not on this list here then at the very least your panel needs to be replaced but likely wireless sensors need to be replaced as well. Typically, Z-Wave devices (Lights, Locks, TSTATs, Switches, etc) can be reused.


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