How To Create Alarm Panel User in

This guide will cover how to create a user with panel and Z-Wave Lock access in as well as set the user up for notifications.

Note that in, a Login and a User are two separate things. Users are for access to the alarm system as well as recipients for notifications. Logins are for access to the account. You can find a similar guide on How to Create a Login here.

  1. Start off by navigating to the Users tab in

  2. Click the Add New User button


  3. Enter the Users First and Last name then click Create

  4. From the next page you can:

  • Give the User an Access Code for Panel and Lock access
    • You can come up with your own code or use Generate Code
  • Grant panel access to the Security Panel
    • If Partitions are supported, the User can be assigned specific partitions
  • Grant Lock Access
  1. Click Save when done to create the User.

  2. It will take 5 to 10 minutes for the user codes to be sent to the panel.

  3. The Panels and Locks icons can be used to navigate back to the previous screen should you wish to make any changes.

  4. The Time icon can be used to give the user temporary access to the system as well. More information on how to set up a Temporary User can be found here.

  1. You can use the Add Contact button to associate a Mobile Number and/or Email Address to send notifications to the user.