2GIG EDGE Firmware Release Information

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A USB flash drive with only 1 partition will be needed.

  1. Download the firmware update file. (To download the firmware, right-click on the file name, and select ‘Save As’ and save it to an empty USB thumb drive, leaving the file name unchanged.)
  2. Save the firmware file to the root directory of a USB flash drive.Note: The USB flash drive must have only one partition
  3. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the top of the 2GIG EDGE panel.
  4. You will see a notice that there is a new firmware to install. Select Update
  5. Enter the Installer code or the Master code.
  6. The 2GIG EDGE will install the update and restart
  7. Panel may need to update multiple times
  8. DO NOT remove power until you see pop-up or Message confirming update has been completed.
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Firmware Version: 1.0.011 Download
Version displayed on Panel: A.

New Feature Additions
IMAGE SENSOR support is available. Use 2GIG-IMAGE3 image sensor with 2GIG-XCVR3-GC3 transceiver module to take advantage of Image Sensors on 2GIG EDGE Panels. Requires Alarm.com service package add on for image sensor.

Enhancements and Defect Resolutions
• Resolved intermittent console LOS.
• Resolved Remote Keypad connectivity issues (LOS).
• Intermittent broadband/radio trouble reported in field has been addressed.
• WiFi improvements – required for panels using dual path, Remote Keypads and videos on the panel.
• 2GIG EDGE Panel requires ONVIF cameras to use strong password in an effort to keep the
customer information protected from malicious actors.
• Various Remote Keypad and Panel bug resolutions.


  1. During the update, do not disrupt AC Power to the panel or the Remote Keypads.
  2. Panel update automatically updates the Remote Keypads. Please make sure Remote Keypad(s) are powered on (AC Power), connected and paired to the 2GIG EDGE panel on the network. Remote Keypads must be displaying the home screen.

Firmware Version 1.1
Firmware Download (V3.1.1.016)

Release Notes
This document details the new features and enhancements for the release of panel Firmware Version 1.1 for 2GIG EDGE.

New Feature Additions

  • UL1610 – Certification for Commercial Burglary Standard
  • Spanish Language Localization
  • Severe Weather Alert Support
  • Z-Wave enhancements
    • Z-Wave Siren Support
      • Linear 105DB (WA105DBZ-1)
      • Ecolink (ISZW7-ECO)
    • Force Remove/Replace failed nodes supported
  • Update of Remote Keypad Features
    • Doorbell camera support on Remote Keypads
    • Installer toolbox access from Remote Keypads
  • Support of Image Capture uploads to Alarm.com
  • Remote WiFi configuration
  • Elan Integration (requires Elan 8.7 or higher – available March 2022)

Enhancements and Defect Resolutions

  • Face Recognition and Bluetooth configuration will now persist when changes are made from Alarm.com.
  • Dealer Info Support – Dealer Name, Phone Number, etc. can be pushed from Alarm.com
  • Remote Keypad pair process improvement
  • WiFi stability improvement