SkyBell Doorbell Camera LED is flashing orange

A flashing orange LED state indicates the SkyBell Doorbell Camera does not have a network connection. This is often caused by incorrect wireless information or poor wireless range.

If you changed your Wi-Fi information or hardware recently, follow the below guide:

To troubleshoot a flashing orange LED on a SkyBell Doorbell Camera:

  1. Reboot the SkyBell Doorbell Camera. Allow a few minutes for the video device to power back on reestablish its connection to the Wi-Fi network.
    1. If it continues to flash orange, press and hold the SkyBell Doorbell Camera button until it goes into Access Point (AP) mode (i.e., blinking red and green).
  2. Use the installation wizard to enroll the SkyBell Doorbell Camera using the mobile app.

Steps to enroll the SkyBell can be found below:

If the device fails to enroll

  1. Verify the Wi-Fi password is correct. This can be tested by attempting to log onto the Wi-Fi network using a different device (e.g., mobile phone or tablet).
  2. Verify that the network meets the SkyBell Doorbell Camera’s requirements
  3. Factory reset the SkyBell Doorbell Camera. Press and hold the [Skybell] button for approximately 80 seconds until it starts flashing yellow.
  4. If the configuration fails at 10%, see SkyBell Doorbell Camera installation stops and fails at 10 percent