Reset or change wireless information on a MyQ Smart Garage Hub

LiftMaster 821LM, 821LMB, 821LMC-S, MyQ-G0301, MyQ-G0401-ES

In the event that the wireless network name or password is changed after a Smart Garage Hub
is installed, new wireless information can be saved by clearing the hub’s network memory and saving the new information

To update the Wi-Fi information for the hub:

  1. Clear the Wi-Fi settings on the hub by press and holding the Settings Gear button on the Wi-Fi Hub for roughly 6 seconds until the blue light flashes.

  2. Power cycle the Wi-Fi Hub by disconnecting the power supply and reconnecting after 30 seconds.

  3. Setup the new Wi-Fi information on the hub. For detailed instructions on how to connect a MyQ Smart Garage Hub to a Wi-Fi network, see this setup guide here.

Note : If these steps are unsuccessful, a factory reset of the Wi-Fi hub may be necessary.

For more information on how to reset a Wi-Fi hub, see Factory reset a LiftMaster MyQ Smart Garage Hub.