SVR Recording Schedule Not Recording

The SVR Recording Schedule Not Recording trouble condition indicates a video device is not currently recording to the Stream Video Recorder (SVR) even though an SVR recording schedule is enabled.

How to resolve:

Note: The camera may not be able to communicate with the SVR because of a network issue or the camera may be unplugged.

  1. Power cycle the camera by disconnecting power and reapplying it. Wait for the camera to reboot fully.
  2. Verify the video device has a wireless or Ethernet network connection and that live video works
  3. Verify the video device is on the same local network as the SVR and has not been moved to a separate location.

Note : To determine whether devices in the same physical location are on the same network, verify the first three octets of the devices’ internal IP addresses match (e.g., and are on the same network).

  1. Verify the wireless video device settings match the SSID and wireless security settings in the router. If the settings were changed in the router, put the video device back into wired mode, update the video device’s wireless settings, then put it back into wireless mode.
  2. Run a hard-drive check on the SVR to confirm the hard-drives are working correctly. Steps on how to do this can be found here.
    1. If the factory reset has been performed on a camera, delete the camera and re-add it to the account.