Setup Issues (Previously Owned System)

I recently purchased a home and the IQ Panel 2 is installed along with sensors, fire alarms, garage door system, and a Honeywell thermostat.

Unfortunately, my system will not activate even after following several things in the forums such as system reboot, firmware updates, test/cancel and wait period. I am able to connect to my WiFi. Any ideas what I need to do?

Thanks for your time and any assistance in advance.

Is the cell test passing or failing?

Continuously failing

IS THERE ANY SUPPORT HELP HERE? I feel like I’ve wasted an entire day trying to get this to work. Should I just be looking for another provider?

Their support is Mon-Fri.

On weekends people like me try to help. I ran into a similar problem before. Have you tried this?

What is the current firmware version of that panel?

This can be found under Settings > Advanced Settings > About > Software.

Would you mind posting a photo of that page so I can see the version and build numbers?

Does your panel report a cellular signal strength or is it 0?

I can get the picture and info from that page for you once I can get back to the property. The cell strength is 0.

Ok, yeah the firmware version will be important. The next step I would recommend is updating to the latest version, as there are known issues in some older versions which result in the cell radio having trouble reconnecting after a failure. Updating firmware would require use of the corresponding patch tag. Depending on your current version there may be an intermediate update needed. Instructions are linked below: