Screen image split - Qolsys iq panel 2


I have an iq panel 2 and the screen image had suddenly split into 2 images that kind of “float” horizontally to each other - kind of like the old tube TVs that need the Horizontal adjusted to align the images.

Do you know what would cause this and if it can be remedied by the end user ?

Thank you


I haven’t seen that on an IQ Panel, but the first thing I would do is try rebooting the panel. Settings > Advanced Settings > Panel Reboot.

If that doesn’t help, try leaving it powered down for a while, 20 minutes or so. Settings > Advanced Settings > Power Down. After about 20 minutes, power back up. Any luck?

Thank you.

No luck when trying the reboot. Currently trying the 20 min of being powered down.

Everything functions except the screen has a split image - weird.


If you still have the issue after the power down, I would recommend reaching out to the vendor where this was purchased. (It looks like you probably have a different provider) I haven’t heard of this issue on IQ Panels, and I would expect this to be hardware caused, not software.

If you do have an older firmware version it might be worth a short updating just in case I am wrong and that might kick something loose so to speak.

No luck on the power down and power back up in resolving.
Unfortunately the vendor we purchased from sold their accounts to another company. As the panel is 2 years old, its beyond the MFG warranty - looks like either purchasing a new one else
living with a weird screen are the options - appreciate your time!


If you wouldn’t mind posting a photo of the screen you are seeing I would be happy to forward it to Qolsys and see if they have any other suggestions.


Thank you

I’m told by Qolsys that this appears to be an issue related to older IQ Panel 2 LCD screens. It has been seen a few times before. Qolsys says they may still be able to issue an RMA to help with this panel. Have your current company reach out to them with the IMEI and an image of the issue to facilitate.

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Thank you very much. Unfortunately I could not get the current company to start a RMA.
I ended up purchasing a used "like new: IQ 2 plus panel - but now see that the IMEI is registered (at least according) to the surety “Can I activate my equipment” check.

Can you advise - can I use the SIM card out of my old IQ 2 panel and swap it into the 2 plus panel (both verizon) ?


Man, Qolsys straight up offered to help and the dealer wouldn’t follow up?

Can you advise - can I use the SIM card out of my old IQ 2 panel and swap it into the 2 plus panel (both verizon) ?

No, I wouldn’t try this. I’ve not seen anyone try to do it on an IQ Panel yet, but for other modules whenever you try to swap the SIM card it will just lock down the SIM and it will be unusable even if you swap back.

A registered panel means that there is an account still tied to the module. Was this panel sold by the same vendor? (If so I would recommend avoiding that vendor in the future) Or was this purchased directly from a user, like through ebay?

The seller would need to have the account deleted or that panel would be non-functional for anyone else. I would recommend returning it if they cannot cancel the existing account.

Thanks! It was purchase locally through market place. The individual is the original owner. I can ask them to call to delete their account. I reckon they have to provide the IMEI and their password…and tell they want to un-register the panel for use by someone else ?

Actually they stated they completed the process and the “Can I activate my equipment” reflects that - thank you again very much for your time and knowledge sharing!

I gotcha, glad to hear they were able to get it done for you quickly!

Let us know if you have any other questions.