Ghost image on panel

I have a ghost image on the main panel display, shifted horizontally, and it vibrates. Panel is usable, but barely. Same situation as this thread: Screen image split - Qolsys iq panel 2

I have had this installed for about 3 years. My panel version and firmware is: Qolsys IQ Panel 2 firmware 2.5.2-ADCS 7.15-ADCL 7.15

I have rebooted, powered down, and currently in power down, unplugged, battery removed. Will power back up and re-check in about 15 more minutes, but really expect that this is a hardware problem.

What would be the process to replace this panel? Is it possible to backup my current settings and restore?

Are you using the power supply that came with the panel? Have you made any alterations to the cable run?

If powering it down completely does not resolve try powering it down fully again but only powering up via Battery. Any change?

If not, power it up via power supply only and checking again.

Is this the panel tied to the system labelled “Home”?

Yes, this is the “Home” qolsys panel.

OK, just powered it back up. (had battery out too). Using power cube that came with the panel. Panel to power supply is about 3 feet wire.

When it powered up, no ghost image, but backlight was flickering at fast rate. Also vignetted (light center, dark edges). Flickering and vignette cleared up after a minute. While I had the back cover off, I did visually check and press all connectors to be sure firmly seated, etc.

BUT…when I powered it back up after 20 minutes off, it opened up to the startup wizard, like it forgot everything. Ran thru the prompts, my sensors and other setup was not lost and it appears to be functioning normally right now. Don’t know if going into the setup wizard was a function of taking all the power away (line and battery), or from the firmware upgrade I did prior to shutting it down (but did reboot after that, so likely not…

When you shut down the IQ Panel2+ via the Shut down screen, it gives you the option of booting into the Wizard on the next power up. Its possible that was pressed.

To confirm, currently the panel is functioning as normal?

Yep, just got back in, display is still clear. Hopefully it will stay fixed.

If not, will check back in.