More issues with my system

I seem to be having so many issues with my system. You are already working on the false alarm notification and multiple strange comments being sent. I also have had

IN addition (from the past) :


I went out to check mail. This requires me to open garage door and then shut it quickly after I return from my mailbox (100 feet). I get a notification that the door opens, but when I close the door, I dont get a notification for a long time later…sometimes hours. This has been going on for a few days

Also, I didnt notice this until now, but I have rules that turn on landscape lights, and Front Sconce and pillars and all these lights were on (didnt turn off per the rule)

Also, I tried turning them off through the app and nothing happens. I did a network rediscovery a hour ago and this has been happening for a while…after a network redisdovery it shows everything is OK, but it takes a few hours for me to actually be able to control my z-wave devices.

These are a lot of issues and I am feeling less than secure with my system. Can you please help me get everything back on track?

UPDATE - In addition to above, My schedules did not run tonight. And the automation on my rules doesnt seem reliable (some rules run and some dont)

Update at 9pm. Seems like rules are working now. Schedules remain not working. Will report in morning and report of lights turned off

Update. Looks like the schedues executed properly this morning .

Z-wave rule issues are often caused by a temporary communication issues in the network. Troubleshooting these would be first a panel reboot, followed by network rediscovery and rule edits if the reboot doesn’t help.

The other issue being looked into with is an urgent problem. Your system reported errant data to after a reboot, resulting in alarm notifications when there wasn’t an actual alarm, and the data referenced unused, impossible user slots. I’ve never seen that occur previously. I think the ultimate result of this investigation will be a replacement panel is needed.