Panel Disarmed and no one disarmed it

The Lutron removal would need us to remove the Lutron link, then you could re-add it through the website. This would remove all Lutron devices. Would you like me to do that?

yes, please.

can you tell me where I go to re-add it?

Certainly, to relink that Lutron RadioRa2, please power cycle the main repeater, then send the Serial Number off the main repeater label to me via private message.

lutron was deleted and re-added…Does this change any of the behaviors of the shades on the ADC end?

So far you have a couple dozen lutron status messages in history. Previously there were 1000+ every day. As of yet I am not seeing anywhere near the spam messages, so that’s a positive sign.

Let it run normally for a day or so then we’ll check the event history again.

Checking in to see if there has been Improvement

Yes, activity acknowledgements from the Lutron repeater are not spamming the history. It looks normal at this time.


And the locks are not doing it either? They are constantly falling offline BTW

The locks are unchanged. They are not related to Lutron. See above.

Locks showing offline is a separate Z-wave network signaling issue. I see the Kitchen, Courtyard, and Fire Bowl devices showing offline malfunctions in the past month. I’ve sent a Network Rediscovery to repair routes.

The Schlage BE469ZP has unfortunately been discovered to have issues with 2GIG GC2 and GC3 panels according to ADC. The GC2 and GC3 will not be seeing further firmware updates so unfortunately some inconsistencies are not possible to avoid.

This just appeared tonight

Looks like immediately following that malfunction in communication to the main repeater resolved, the repeater started bombarding the event buffer with acknowledgements.

We are back to seeing hundreds per event for those Lutron devices. I’m sending this info to ADC to update the ticket that was forwarded to engineers.

As you know, switched to IQ4

Has the bombarding and excessive commands stopped for my Lutron blinds and Schlage locks? Fingers crossed

It’s only been a few days with the new system, but thought I would check now and then maybe in 3 months.

Still seeing those, but switching the panel would have no impact on Lutron stuff at all, and the lock situation is different. We know your locks are officially compatible with the new panel and don’t have other issues.

I do see the Kitchen lock duplicating some messages. I followed up on the original ticket letting them know we see the same on the IQ Panel 4.

I know this isn’t your fault and you have been nothing but helpful, but I am disappointed in ADC response time to resolve this or to give us insight and clarity.

These errors and the suggestion that it could be my GC2 Panel influenced my decision to spend a lot of money to change to the IQ4 and it turns out that was not the issue. (Panel as it applies to locks)

ADC has a history with me on blaming the equipment, when it is in fact them and this is disappointing. If you look at the date stamps of our requests, I think you will agree that I have been MORE than patient with ADC and open minded. To the point of spending a lot of money to attempt to resolve that I now feel I may have not had to do.

I would expect better from ADC. Please forward my feedback and more importantly I would like to get resolution. I believe some of these excessive signals have created false alarms and other issues (blinds are not consistent)

Our recommendation to update the panel was informed by the invalid signals that the GC2 recently sent following a power cycle. The IQ Panel 4 is compatible with the locks you have, so there is benefit there, but the main reason for the suggestion is because the GC2 is discontinued, and yours was showing signs of improper event handling.

I agree though, it has been difficult to get traction on this, as duplicate messages for locks don’t really have impacts other than incorrect event history. I actually reached out to some higher reps at ADC earlier today about this issue after seeing it in your history again for the locks. Hopefully we will get some positive response.

Regarding the Lutron events, we’re not seeing it elsewhere. Looking at other Lutron units, their main repeater firmware is newer than yours.

Have you tried updating the Main Repeater firmware? It looks like yours is at 11.0.0. For RadioRa2 that may require the installer to update it.

I hope ADC appreciates that I had to pay a tech $175.00 to update the firmware. If this doesn’t work, I wasted the money.

The tech told me there is nothing about Lutron blinds that will send out random signals BTW

Could you please do a fresh “pull” or whatever you need to do in order to get the new settings, devices, etc into the ADC system for the blinds?

We also got on the phone with the top tier tech at lutron and they are willing to get on the phone with ADC if they want. as they are pretty insistant that their system doesnt send out random commands and we ran all kinds of tests

Equipment list update was run.

No, I wouldn’t expect support for the manufacturer to say their system produces random signals.

Can you run those blinds a few times, using scenes or Lutron app commands, etc. ?

I’m not seeing any of those excessive duplicate messages yet, but I am not sure if any activity has occurred at the Lutron devices yet. Let us know when some changes occur and we will check the history

The repeater has 5 leds on it and they blink very fast when a signal is sent. I had my wife open and close blinds and you can see the leds flicker with each keypress.

I watched the leds for 1 hour (no joke) and not a single flicker.

Lutron told me if any of the devices were sending out random signals the blinds would not operate or they would stutter as you cant have 2 signals to the same device at once. Over the years, this should have happened if what ADC is saying is true.

They also said the batteries would run down on the devices if signals where being sent all the time (remote picos as well as the blinds)

You should be reading this email when auto schedules and the blinds have run several times. Please let me know if you see any signals. Everything seems to be working without issue over the wekeend

Lutron did tell me that they have seen issues like this with Control 5 (I think some sort of remote platform) there was a bug in it where it sent signals to wake devices up out of sleep and kept doing it because it was not acknowledging. I don’t know if this is relevant

Lutron did tell me that they have seen issues like this with Control 5 (I think some sort of remote platform) there was a bug in it where it sent signals to wake devices up out of sleep and kept doing it because it was not acknowledging. I don’t know if this is relevant

I am not suggesting that the Lutron repeater is literally sending hundreds of statuses because the event is occurring hundreds of times, or even that it is actually sent that many times.

It is possible a similar bug to what you describe with Control 4 might be affecting the Lutron integration with ADC. However, as we cannot recreate it, it certainly suggests that there may be something about your system which is triggering it.

The good news, so far, I see zero duplicate Lutron messages after you updated the Main repeater firmware.