Live Video Resolution - Wont allowed changes anylonger

I was able to always adjust “Live Video resolution” on all my adc vc826 and vc726 now options are gray out and no longer available for adjustment. I have check on the App and web base. Please see screen shot below on my app.

You can see under “Live video resolution” its preselected under "standard. "

Thank you

ADC Documentation shows this:

Live video image quality cannot be adjusted for the SkyBell Doorbell Cameras or the '25, '26, and '36 series video devices.

There are some recent references to fixes for video settings. Can you provide a screenshot of what you see on the website as well?

Here is same screen as my app but web base, almost same as the app. any other screens have nothing to do with live stream adjustment.

What sucks is that when i use to put live quality on “high” picture was perfect. Now picture is not that good and is sad as i know camera is capable of getting full 1080P. It look like ADC is turning off options on older cameras so you can upgrade cameras, that is not right.

Here is web base screen shot:


Looking into this, it looks like the Image Quality setting for 25, 26, and 36 series cameras has always been fixed since they were released. It is not a new change.

Did you previously have different models of camera connected?

I always had 826 and was always be able to adjust that, I also had some 726 and was always be able to adjust. I also had other cameras. I honestly have not adjust anything for al list last two years but recently got fed up with WIFi cameras and replace my last two with 826 and that is when I notice being grey out.

Saved Video settings can be adjusted, which is where you can select a resolution setting specifically, but the Live View image quality looks like it has never been selectable for 25, 26, or 36 series cameras according to history and docs. There is no reference to that ever changing that I can find. Is it possible you are referencing the saved settings a couple years ago?

I’m aware of NVR video setting but that is only for recording channels, and it only applies to me playing video back. I’m almost positive that I was able to adjust Live video image quality previously.

Can you inquire with about this option. Also what is video quality at since its set to standard when viewing 720P?

If I remember correctly it was:
reduced 360p
standard 720p
highest 1080p

Thank you

Live video image quality cannot be adjusted for the SkyBell Doorbell Cameras or the '25, '26, and '36 series video devices. According to this has been the case always and I am not showing any evidence to the contrary.

The Live Video Settings (when selection is available) would be:

Highest: 1920x1080
Standard: 1280x720
Reduced: 640x360

More on Live Streaming can be found here:

Thank you guys. Too bad I swear it was in there before. Maybe I’m just getting old. Is there any future plans for 4K cameras on ADC?

any future plans for 4K cameras on ADC?

Currently nothing has been announced but we will post any information once it is made available, likely in the product updates section