IQ Remote not connecting

My IQ Remote no longer connects to my IQ Panel. It just says “Trying to connect IQ Panel.”

I have rebooted both the IQ Panel and the remote panel. I’ve run network tests from the IQ Panel. They both report being connected to the same SSID. I can also see that they’re connected to my access points via the network management console. I’ve also tried to rediscover, but they won’t connect.

Any other suggestions?


How long has this been occurring? Have you tried a Master Reset on the Remote, then removing and re-pairing it with the IQ Panel 2? Master Reset on the remote is found under the settings menu.

Just a couple of days. I just tried doing a master reset on the remote, removed it from the IQ Panel and then tried to do a new pairing by pressing pair on both panels, but I can’t get it to pair.

Just to verify, what is the firmware version on the IQ Remote?

Do you use the same SSID for 2.4 and 5 ghz networks? Did you make any network device changes recently?

Firmware version on IQ remote is 2.3.3. The SSID for both 2.4 and 5Ghz are the same. Both have grabbed IP addresses in the same subnet. I can’t recall any network device or configuration changes.

Can you try setting a unique SSID for the 5ghz network and connect the panel and IQ Remote to the 2.4 network as a test? Any luck pairing? Typically there is a router component to these issues, and I am curious if the Remote and IQ Panel are not playing nicely with the two networks.

If it works, try setting the 5ghz network back to the same SSID and make sure the Remote and IQ Panel still work normally.

I connected both to a separate 2.4ghz network and they paired up just fine. It’s weird because it’s never been an issue with anything else on the network before. I haven’t moved them back to the SSID with both 2.4 and 5ghz networks. If it’s useful for you, I can try to do that.

Strangely, my other problem with the remote has come back ( and it now reports the erroneous “Armed Stay by Molly Maid” notification. Not sure if we want to continue debugging this in the other thread or not.

Strangely, my other problem with the remote has come back

I’m not able to recreate this, but if a firmware update seemed to resolve it last time, can you try just rebooting both the IQ Panel 2 and the Remote?

On the panel, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Panel Reboot.

On the Remote, hold the side button for a couple seconds and choose Reboot from the screen prompt. Wait until the Main panel has rebooted fully before triggering this.

Rebooting both panels seems to have fixed the problem.

Has anyone had a problem getting the remote to connect to WiFi? It will not connect to either of my routers. I see it try in the router logs:

Auth 80:5E:4F:D2:B4:3D, status: Successful (0)
Jun 12 14:04:00 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(527): eth6: Assoc 80:5E:4F:D2:B4:3D, status: Successful (0)
Jun 12 14:04:01 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(464): eth6: Deauth_ind 80:5E:4F:D2:B4:3D,

But, it just disconnects after one second…and repeats many times.

Is it a router setting or incompatible router? They are Asus routers.

Which IQ Remote are you using? Is this connected to the IQ Panel 2/2+ or is this the one for the Gen one panel?