IQ Panel 4 vs 2GIG Edge


Looking for recommendations on which panel to purchase for alarm system for new home we are building.

Leaning towards the IQ Panel 4, but also attracted to 2GIG Edge.


The IQ Panel 4 is very similar to the IQ Panel 2+, same UI, with improved sound, without a wired terminal block.

I recommend Qolsys over 2GIG (we only sell the Qolsys systems, but the Edge is supported.)

My 2GIG GC2 has served me well over the years. However, I am moving and the security system stays with the sold home–so I need to start over at the new place with new control panel and sensors. Your last statement “we only sell the Qolsys systems” could use more explanation. I’ve not found anything in the forum that explains WHY Surety “recommends Qolsys over 2GIG”. Could you elaborate, or point me to an already-answered response? Thanks!

The links above go over this question and describe some of the criteria.

We sell only the panel we recommend as the best choice for new users. Many factors weigh on the decision, but in short, the Qolsys panel is easier to use, with better features, better support, more frequent updates, and a more responsive manufacturer with a track record of resolving reported issues quickly.

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