IQ Panel 4 not connecting to Smartthings hub as a secondary Z-wave controller

2 days of trying and I am officially requesting support. I have solved or figured out everything else but adding the Z-wave controller to the Samsung Smartthings. as a secondary controller is just not working.

I have enabled the Add/Remove Controller button in the Z-wave settings menu by enabling Advanced Z-Wave Settings.

The IQ Panel will only provide the DSK Pin when I activate the Add/Remove Controller pairing but never shows up as as device while I am scanning with Smartthings. the PIN would facilitate the secure connection once smartthings has started the pairing process.

There are only 2 methods to connect to the smartthings hub , a QR code or by “Scan nearby” . There is no option to begin the process by using the DSK pin.

When I have added the 2Gig panels to smartthings as a secondary controller I would initiate a scan on smart things then activate the controller pairing on the 2Gig and the 2Gig would show up as a device.

I did have issues with the IQ Panel 4 not adopting z-wave devices as a test. It would not recognize any devices until I rebooted the panel. I was then able to add and delete z-wave devices normally. There are no devices connected to the IQ Panel 4 when I try to add it to the smartthings as a secondary controller.

I don’t know about the IQ Panel 4 but I know some about SmartThings. I don’t think scan nearby allows that style of inclusion but you CAN still start general z-wave inclusion in the app.

Go to Devices → “+” button → Add device → under device type click “Generic Z-Wave device” → Z-wave → Generic Z-Wave device. That should start the general inclusion mode.

Yes, tried that as well. I even tried adding the DSK directly into the Smartthings portal adding a new device ( silly last ditch attempts ) .

The problem is that the IQ Panel 4 doesn’t seem to be talking when I trigger the join as a secondary controller. I do not get to the scan QR code or enter DSK portion of the secure connect. It just never shows up as an available device.

Looking into this to see if there is a known issue, or any incompatibility. Will follow up here.

Thank You, I am using workarounds for door access for now. I will stand by.

Still no confirmation just yet. The below guide was the way it worked on the IQ Panel 2 (most steps are identical on the IQ4). That integration was removed when the feature was no longer a requirement by Z-Wave.

I have tried again to join the IQ Panel 4 to Smartthings after the 4.0.1 update and still have the same problem.

I have used the steps on the link you have provided as well as several other similar sites. That is how I was able to even see the DSK pin code in the first place.

Again, the problem is Smartthings does not allow you to initiate a joining / pairing by entering a DSK pin code alone. That is a step after the initial pairing, handshake takes place to facilitate a secure connection. Smartthings will begin a pairing process using a QR code or by “scanning” for an available device. The problem is that the IQ Panel 4 does not provide a QR code and doesn’t seem to be announcing itself as an available device when I initiate the join process on the panel.

I had experienced a problem with adding a z-wave device to the IQ Panel 4 as a test to see if the Z-wave radio was even working at all. The first several attempts failed or actually timed out with the panel never seeing the available device that was in pairing mode. After rebooting the IQ Panel 4, I was able to discover and pair a device which I then removed so that I could try and join the panel to the smartthings again.

I have used the smartthings to create user codes so people can get in and out of my doors for now but it does defeat the purpose of upgrading my system from a 2Gig to the IQ Panel 4 system.

I cannot contact Qolsys direct according to their tech support and must go through my service provider.

Thank you for continuing to try and resolve the issue I am having.

Qolsys representatives stated that the interaction has not been tested or verified to work, and would require testing on the part of ther technicians.

I have been unable to test this functionality either, but If I can get it to work, I will update the above guide with steps.

Thank you for the update.

Just a follow-up to see if there are any updates? Could it be that my unit is actually also suffering from the Z-Wave issues others are having?

no new information from Qolsys at this time. Is the Z-Wave card test failling on the IQ Panel 4? Can you tie a Z-Wave device directly to it (not the ST hub)?

The Z-wave module did pass the initial test when I first set it up. I did test trying to pair a device directly to the IQ Panel as a test and the first few times the device adoption failed. I rebooted the IQ Panel and it did successfully adopt the Z-wave device.
I removed the device and do not have any devices connected directly to the IQ Panel currently. I have done several z-wave resets, device deletes, etc.

I just got my IQ Panel 4 setup yesterday and can confirm this behavior seems to be what I am seeing as well, sadly. Z-wave module tests fine, but attempting to do add/remove controller functionality pops up the DSK key on the IQ Panel and never connects with SmartThings to initiate the S2 DSK prompt that should happen. The app then errors out with code 34-302 after a while.

Hopefully Qolsys can give some info on getting it to work, and whether this will be supported eventually (or implement the QR code part of S2 which I think is required along with raw DSK).

I ended up doing a crazy workaround to get panel status fed into SmartThings in another way, but it’d be great if they do eventually support this.

How did you end up getting panel status fed to Smartthings? I am missing some automations waiting on suretyhome and quolsys to provide a solution.

First, I created two virtual switches in SmartThings named Armed Stay and Armed Away. I used those for triggering any routines once they change state.

Then I created 3 notifications from for each state (disarm, arm away, arm stay) and had them send an email to zapier with the private email name for each in the trigger (e.g. armedstay.{PRIV_EMAIL_CODE}

Sadly, zapier itself doesn’t link with SmartThings. So, in the action you can either do one of two things:

  1. Create an IFTTT rule that listens to from your email to match the notification and have it trigger the virtual switch it relates to based off of a tag in the subject/body, and have zapier send the trigger email as the action from your email account that you registered with IFTTT.

  2. Go through the process of generating Access Tokens and use the graph.api endpoints for device control

I already had the IFTTT rules from a long time ago so I went the lazier route and used those.

I just wanted to check back on this and see if there is a solution from Qolsys yet?

There is no new information at this time. I have followed up to see if I can get any new information but I am waiting on a reply.

I suspect support would come by way of a future firmware update but I cannot say for certain.

It has been another couple of months and I wanted to follow up and see if you have any answers from Qolsys yet?

No new information at this time, still unsupported.

@rob55d your first post mentions a QR code. A QR code packages the DSK, so since you have a DSK option, converting the QR to DSK may help?
See Silicon Labs Community

I am adding a Simon XT as secondary to a Z-stick gen 7. This setup needs the DSK for the communicator (in the Simon xt). Am not sure where to look…