IQ Panel 4 LED Status Lights after 4.3.0 update

I prefer the brightness of the IQ Panel 4 LED Status Lights to be at the minimum possible. However, after applying the 4.3.0 software update the LEDs are lit to their brightest whenever I arm or disarm the system.

The settings tray shows the LED slider positioned at the left side where I had configured it. In order to dim the LEDs I have to move the slider slightly and reposition it back where I want it. Each time I arm/disarm I have to go through this process again.

Thank you for reporting, I will forward to Qolsys, can you confirm whether the same issue occurs after a panel reboot?

Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Panel.

Could you clarify how I turn down the LED Status lights? Not clear on exactly where to go

I rebooted the panel a few minutes ago, and after arming or disarming the LEDs change to full brightness.

@ surety support

I do not have the slider bars for the LEDs per the picture yet I upgraded to the latest software. Can you help me?

  1. Swipe down ​to access settings tray ​and touch “Settings.”

  2. Touch “Display.”

  3. Scroll down to “Status Leds” row.

  4. Touch toggle to enable.

  5. ​The ​LED brightness slider is now visible on ​the ​​settings tray.

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Did my instructions work for you?

Hi, can you tell me if the original issue has been resolved?

No, it is not resolved.

It will likely require a resolution in a future firmware release. Hopefully they can get it added to firmware they are currently working on.