IQ Panel 4 LED Status Lights after 4.3.0 update

I prefer the brightness of the IQ Panel 4 LED Status Lights to be at the minimum possible. However, after applying the 4.3.0 software update the LEDs are lit to their brightest whenever I arm or disarm the system.

The settings tray shows the LED slider positioned at the left side where I had configured it. In order to dim the LEDs I have to move the slider slightly and reposition it back where I want it. Each time I arm/disarm I have to go through this process again.

Thank you for reporting, I will forward to Qolsys, can you confirm whether the same issue occurs after a panel reboot?

Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Panel.

Could you clarify how I turn down the LED Status lights? Not clear on exactly where to go

I rebooted the panel a few minutes ago, and after arming or disarming the LEDs change to full brightness.

@ surety support

I do not have the slider bars for the LEDs per the picture yet I upgraded to the latest software. Can you help me?

  1. Swipe down ​to access settings tray ​and touch “Settings.”

  2. Touch “Display.”

  3. Scroll down to “Status Leds” row.

  4. Touch toggle to enable.

  5. ​The ​LED brightness slider is now visible on ​the ​​settings tray.


Did my instructions work for you?

Hi, can you tell me if the original issue has been resolved?

No, it is not resolved.

It will likely require a resolution in a future firmware release. Hopefully they can get it added to firmware they are currently working on.

I would appreciate a status when this issue will be fixed

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Something like what is reported here would be added to the manufacturer’s roadmap and we wouldn’t be able to guarantee any ETA. It would be part of a general firmware release.

There are a couple versions beyond 4.3.0 which are available. This is not explicitly included in either but the latest version 4.4.1 should be installed for communication stability. Is there any difference in behavior with 4.4.1?

I installed the latest update a couple of days ago, but it hasn’t fixed this problem.

I checked this out for you since I was curious. On my IQP4 with 4.4.1 the dimming works. After I enabled it I dragged the slider both directions. The dimming doesn’t happen much for about 3/4 of the slide from the right, but the last 25% does show obvious dimming.

Thanks for pointing this feature out. The brightness was annoying us. Now I have it dimmed down.

Mine will dim too. But when the system is armed the LEDs revert to full on, and stay that way after unarming even though the slider control is set to a minimum position.

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Interesting. That is not happening on my panel.

Can confirm on a panel with 4.4.1. Setting does not stay upon arm > Disarm or after a reboot.

Have reached out to Qolsys for follow up. Likely fix is in FW update but if any local steps can be taken I will follow up here.

Weird. Mine does. I just did it twice. Can you give me the steps to reproduce so I can try to do it exactly how you are doing it?

Enabling the feature under Display then adjusting the LED brightness in the settings tray is all it should take to enable. The issue occurs after arming:

Based on the slider settings, it may only be noticeable from the 0-50% range. If there are other settings impacting the issue they are unknown at this time.