How To Setup a Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller

Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller

The Linear Z-Wave Garage Controller connects directly to your Garage Opener and communicates with your panel via Z-Wave to allow for remote access and automation via

When considering the Linear GD00Z Garage Controller, keep in mind that it is a Z-Wave device and will likely require additional Z-Wave devices to communicate successfully and consistently. More on setting up a Z-Wave network can be found here.

Garage door opener compatibility

The Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller is compatible with nearly all non-MyQ garage door openers with safety eyes. Notable exceptions can be found here.

Caution : Any opener with a MyQ logo or Craftsman Assurelink logo is not compatible with this device, and a LiftMaster remote solution should be used instead.

Which Linear Z-Wave Garage Control models are compatible with

Currently, Linear Z-Wave Garage models GD00Z-5 and lower are expected to work on However, the GD00Z-2 is specifically branded for ADT and may have some proprietary features.

Alarm Panel Compatibility

Panel type Minimum version required
2GIG GoControl Panel 1.13 +
2GIG GC3 Panel 3.0.2+
DSC Impassa Module 181b +
DSC iotega All
DSC PowerSeries Neo All
Interlogix Concord 4 Module 183a +
Interlogix NX Module 183a +
Interlogix Simon XT/XTi Module 183a +
Qolsys IQ Panel Panel 1.6.1 +
Qolsys IQ Panel 2 / IQ Panel 2 Plus Panel 2.2.1 +
SEM - Honeywell/ADEMCO Vista All
SEM - DSC PowerSeries All

Enrolling and Installing the Linear Garage Opener

For physical installation of the device, you will want to follow the included directions.
The installation manual for the GD00Z-4 can be found here.

After following all installation instructions, you will want to test the unit to ensure proper functionality.

To Add/Delete the Linear opener:

  1. Put the Z-Wave controller into Add/Delete Mode.
  2. Press and release the link button on the GD00Z-4.
  3. Verify that the GD00Z-4 was recognized or cleared by the Z-Wave controller.


Its a good idea to pair the Linear Opener with the panel first, before mounting the Linear opener. Some additional steps:

  1. Begin with the garage controller within 6 feet of the panel or module.
  2. Delete the garage controller from the Z-Wave network.
  3. Place the panel into Add Mode and trigger the garage controller.
  4. Wait two minutes before locally operating the device.
  5. Verify that the garage controller shows up on the website and responds to open/close commands.
  6. Move the garage controller to its final location and run a Network Rediscovery.