How To Create a Geo Fence through

This guide covers how to create a Geo Fence through for use with rules and reminders based on the geographical location of a Geo-Device, such as a smartphone.

In order to trigger rules and notifications based on Geo-Services, a Geo-Fence must first be created.

  1. Start by logging in to your account and selecting Settings

  1. Next Click on Geo-Services

  1. To create the Geo Fence click on the Add a Fence link

  1. From here you can select where you would like the fence to be placed, and how big of a radius you want the fence to be. You can also give the fence a name to help differentiate when using multiple fences.
    • The minimum radius is one mile and the maximum 100 miles. However, it is not recommended to have a very wide radius. Stick to about a mile or so for the best results.

  1. When done creating the fence, click Save.

  2. From the Geo-Services page you will be able to see all created Geo-Fences, which are separated by color and name. You can now use these fences as triggers when creating various notifications and automation rules!