How To Automate Z-Wave Lights when Crossing a Geo-Fence

This guide covers how to create an automation rule in that turns on your Z-Wave lights when you are on your way home, using Geo-Fences.

You can learn how to create a Geo-Fence here!

  1. Start off by logging in to your account and click on Automation

  1. Then click on the +Add New Rule button.

3. Select Event Triggered Rule to create a new rule.

  1. Next fill out all the necessary information fields pertaining to the new rule.
  • Give the Rule a Name

  • Select Lights

  • Select People Cross a Geo-Fence to use the Geo-Fence as the trigger.

    • Choose the Mobile Device,
    • Whether to trigger the rule on Entering or Exiting the Geo-Fence
    • Then select the Geo-Fence itself
  • Choose to Turn On the selected device for X Minutes
    before turning off.

  • Next, choose the time period you want the rule to be active for

    • At all times
    • Select Times
    • Only After Sunset
  1. Click the checkbox on the right of the Device name to select each device you want to be triggered via this rule.

  2. When done, click Save

  3. After saving, you will see the rule in the Automation Rules list. From this page you can -

You will now trigger your selected Z-Wave Lights whenever you cross a Geo-Fence!