Can I use my Sky Panel with Surety

I have a Vivint Sky Panel installed in my home. Can I use this panel with your service?

We actually get this question a lot. The short answer is no, the Sky Panel is proprietary and is not compatible with In order to utilize service through Surety, an compatible panel w/ a 4G LTE cellular module would be necessary.

Additionally, many of the sensors learned into your panel will need to be replaced, however, it may be possible for some of your existing sensors to be reused with an compatible panel.

To clarify, the Sky Panel has a 345Mhz radio installed, which is how it communicates with the various door, window, motion and life safety sensors likely installed in your home. The 345 MHz frequency is also used by other compatible panels, like the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 with 345Mhz radio (IQP4003) and 2GIG panels like the GC2 and GC3.

The caveat to this is that many of those 345MHz sensors paired with the Sky Panel are proprietary and may not play nice with a different panel, even though they use 345 RF as well.

You can identify these sensors by their part number. A proprietary Door/Window contact would be the DW11-345.

The standard 2GIG door window contact would be DW10-345.

That one digit helps to denote a proprietary sensor, that would not work as intended on another panel, even if that other panel has a 345Mhz radio.

Its worth noting that Z-Wave devices paired with the Sky Panel should work with another panel (with Z-Wave) just fine.

Another thing to keep in mind is cameras. If you are using cameras currently, note that only compatible cameras can be used with Surety. A list of those cameras can be found here.