ADC-CSVR126 recommended hard drive list

I recently purchased a CSVR126 to replace a failed SVR122. It came equipped with one 2TB hard drive. Depending on cost, I may either add a second 2TB drive, or replace the 2TB and add two 3TB (or larger) drives.

However, I have not been able to find a list of approved/recommended drive. Any help would be appreciated.

The ADC-CSVR126 supports two SATA interfaces, each with 8 TB maximum storage. The maximum total storage capacity for the ADC-CSVR126 is 16 TB. recommends using 3.5 inch Seagate Skyhawk or Western Digital purple series hard drives for all ADC-CSVR126 hard drive replacements. These drives have been tested and ship with the Stream Video Recorder and are specifically made for surveillance applications.

More information on the CSVR126 can be found here:

Thank you Tyler, for you prompt response. I ordered two 4TB WD Purples.