Zwave Dual Relay Issue

So I have an Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 Dual Switch Relay. When I join it to the 2Gig GoControl, it only shows up as a single switch that controls relay 1.

I was expecting for this to learn as two separate switches.

Only thing I see is that it uses the Multi Channel Command class for differentiating between the relays.

If this z-wave command class supported by the GoControl panel? If not, will there be an update to support these multi relay devices?

2GIG does not recognize additional functions on Multifunction Zwave devices, no. I am not certain if this is going to be added but it is always possible. Qolsys has this capability (at least regarding the IQ Socket)

I’ll shoot this over as a suggestion to 2GIG.

Thanks for the info. Will this be supported in the GC3 if it is ever released?

Well, it will be released soon, but no ETA yet. We wouldn’t know until official documentation is released. Support for different Zwave command class devices would be on a demand basis I would presume. If it makes sense they may add it. We would be happy to send it as a suggestion.

Thanks. I would be great if you could send over the suggestion for 2GIG to support the Multi Channel Command and related classes.

Has the GC3 been updated to use dual relay switches?

If the device features are learned in as two separate virtual Z-wave nodes, it should work. If it only gets learned in as one node with multi-function features, no that is not yet supported on any device that I am aware.

What i’m trying to figure out is will these dual z wave relay switches that can go in a 2 gang box to run two separate light switches. Can they be labeled and operated individually? Thanks

This would depend on the model of Z-wave device and how it is learned into the panel. So we can best assist, what is the specific model number of the Z-wave dual switches you are referring to?

Are you looking at the same Enerwave switches as the original poster? If so, those would not be compatible.

The switches are vision dual relay by the smartest house.

ZL 7432 us made by VISION

No that model requires multi-channel command class instead of learning each load switch as a Z-wave node. This would not be compatible unfortunately at this time.

Is there a dual relay that you can recommend? Thanks

This is not a terribly common requirement in the US, so there are sort of slim options compared to single switches, and none of them that I know of work well with alarm panel Z-wave radios.

The Leviton VRCS2 is a stacking two switch module where each load switch learns in as a node, but I believe its physical buttons do not function as load switches, they work as scene controllers and require more advanced programming from the controller (not available with 2GIG). You may be able to use them remotely independently though.

I’m finding a fair amount of dual relay switches but they are mostly in-wall versions that require multi-channel support. I’ll do a little more digging and report back here.