When am alarm is triggered, how much time until the police are called?

My system was set to arming the doors, and I walked outside with headphones on. The siren was going off for probably 10 seconds before I entered my code.

I didn’t receive a call or anything, so what is the time frame until something actually happens?

Are you referencing an alarm event from today 8/11?

This was a pending alarm (you can confirm this via Alarm.com activity).

“Pending Alarm” refers to a sensor with Dialer Delay enabled. This sensor was triggered while the panel was armed, but the panel was disarmed during the dialer delay period so no alarm signal was forwarded to the monitoring station.

Dialer Delay, sometimes referred to as Transmission Delay, is a delay period after an alarm is triggered by a sensor on the local system and the alarm signal being forwarded to the central station.

This is a way panel’s can help to combat false alarm response by limiting unnecessary dispatch on accidental alarms. A signal is still sent to Alarm.com but not to the central station.

Alarm.com still receives this immediately as a pending alarm signal, then awaits a disarm or time-out. If the panel is disarmed in the time period dictated by the dialer delay then the central station would not act on it.

You can find more information on Dialer Delay here including how to remove/lower it.

In the future, once the alarm signal is sent to the monitoring station, If an Abort signal (disarm) is received following a burglary alarm event, which indicates one of your authorized users has disarmed the system, it will be accepted as confirmation and the alarm signal will be disregarded. You will not receive a call from operators. This would be separate from any dialer delay

More inforamtion on monitoring procedures can be found here:

Yep the one from today. Thanks for all the info!