What camera options do I have?


currently using Ring but not very pleased. I have a surety system and am interested in trying those cameras, but have some Q’s.

I see some ADC branded cameras. are those my only options or can I use any ONVIF camera? I’ve seen some say the latter but uncertain if that’s compatible with surety. If ONVIF works, does it offer the same features as the ADC cameras?

And final question: where are recordings stored? e.g. do I need an NVR, is it go to the cloud,etc. Or is it only recording on motion like a Ring?


Information on video topics can be found here:

For the most part, only Alarm.com branded cameras can be used with service. The following guide covers which cameras are compatible:

ONVIF and VAPIX is compatible in a limited capacity. Devices must conform to the ONVIF Profile S standard and must be connected via ethernet to a Pro Series Commercial Stream Video Recorder (ADC-CSVR2000P/08P/16P)

Video storage is mainly found via Cloud storage. Continuous recording can be found via SVR or via onboard via SD Card (when applicable).

To clarify, ONVIF is compatible with Alarm.com and a CSVR but requires a Commercial Video Plan which is not currently offered by Surety at this time.

got it. sounds like the answer is: only the ADC cameras.
thanks so much!

That is correct