Weird sensor behavior


I am seeing weird behavior where the hardwire translator and all the sensors go offline for a couple of hours and come back online. Not all sensors go offline at the same time and similarly they don’t come back online at the same time. This happened two nights ago and also last night. I am guess there’s something going on with the hardwire translator but wanted to get some insight first before I try to troubleshoot it myself.

Below are the activities snapshot for the last two days:

2022-01-09 2

Thank you for your help.

Yeah this would likely be the translator signaling being weak/interrupted if those zones are all on the translator.

Can you provide a photo of your translator where it is installed? The translator and its antenna should be in the image.

If some of those offline sensors are other wireless sensors though, we should look at the panel location instead.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your reply. The translator is in the basement.

All the sensors that went offline were wired sensors. None of the wireless sensors went offline during those times.

What do you think?

The Translator is in a location that might cause signal interruption. The power mains right next to it might be problematic. Have you noticed this issue on and off since installation?

I would first try a power cycle of both the translator and the panel. Unplug the transformer and battery for the Takeover module, then Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Panel.

Any change after powering up the translator again and opening the zones?

Thank you again.

No, this is hasn’t been a normal occurrence so far until now. It did not happen last night.

Maybe it may have happened once before since it was installed but I am not sure.

I will try the power cycle and let you know.

Hi Jason,

So I followed your instructions to power cycle both the translator and the panel last Thursday (1/13). It was fine until last night when it happened again.

Do you have some slack on those wires to try moving the translator away from the electrical a bit?

I will see what I can do to move it away from the breaker box.

How come it has been working fine for a whole year until recently? Shouldn’t this have been an issue from the beginning if the box was the culprit? The locations of the translator or the panel haven’t changed since installation a year ago. Just trying to understand the problem…

Would moving the panel closer to the translator achieve similar effect?

How come it has been working fine for a whole year until recently? Shouldn’t this have been an issue from the beginning if the box was the culprit?

Typically, which is why I asked if it had been happening for a long time. However, given the fact the supervision issue resumed a few days after resolving it. Supervision worked for a few days then failed, and the description of the issue points to an intermittent signal interruption. That’s nearly always caused by the environment or range.

In this case it is more likely the environment.

Would moving the panel closer to the translator achieve similar effect?

It could, if the issue is range or other attenuation between the panel and the translator, not the immediate surroundings of the translator, so you could try that first if it is easy.

Hi Jason,

I wanted to update you on this issue.
Ever since moving the panel (on ground floor) closer to the translator (in the basement), we have not had issues with it.

Would the translator be able to communicate with the IQ Remote Secondary Panel like it would with the main IQ panel? In other words, can I place the secondary panel to where our main panel is right now to achieve similar result?

Thank you

No, the IQ Remote does not have a sensor radio and would not receive signals. Only the main panel.

Does that mean we would need to get another main panel if we wanted to expand the signal coverage for the wireless sensors? Can two main panels work together?

No, you cannot use two main panels on one system.

You can use a repeater like the RE524X if needed, but that will only work if the sensors are programmed as regular 319.5mhz, not S-Line. That would be an option.

I would recommend placement of the panel in a location which has good signaling as a primary step. A secondary keypad could then be used in a more distant spot

Hi Jason,

Can I ask you a follow up question to your reply posted a while back?
How would I know if the sensors are programmed as regular 319.5mhz and not S-Line?

Under sensor programming there is a Source selection in the bottom right.

This will either be PowerG, Security 319.5, or S-Line.

Settings > Advanced Settings > Installer Code > Installation > Devices > Security Sensors > Edit Sensor

Okay, thank you.

How about the GoControl GD00Z-8-GC that we have for the garage doors?

that is a z-wave device. It does not use the panel sensor radio and it is not monitored as an alarm sensor in any way, is that what you are asking?

Yes, that is why I was asking. We had it registered on panel so that we can get notification of the open/closed status and also to be able to remotely control it (open/close) if needed. Is it connected to the panel in a different way than through radio?

That is a Z-wave device. It connects to the panel via its Z-wave radio. A setup guide for that device is available below:

Excellent. Thank you! I will look them through and see if it works better.