Thoughts on the new Equipment

So I got my new alarm equipment today the new IQ panel 4 is designed a lot better than IQ2 and ADC 724 is designed nicely and very sturdy as well as the New Doorbell now just gotta start shopping for memory cards and doorbell power parts

Phyiscally, the IQ4 has better speakers/sound and is easier to put back together/wall mount over the IQ2/2+ which I am a fan of. recommends the following SD card brands for Smart View:

256GB maximum. Supported SD card brands are as follows:

  • Micron Industrial Memory cards
  • SanDisk High Endurance cards
  • WD Purple micro SD cards

More inforamtion on Smart View can be found here:

An Installation guide for the VDB 770 can be found here:

Ok great I will start shopping for them as well as the power supply and resistor for the doorbell too