Testing new alarm installation

I’m attempting to do a final test of my home alarm installation, by tripping an alarm and verifying that I get a two-way comm request from my IQ4, or by getting a phone call.

I have confirmed that my account is not in test mode anymore, and is active. Professional monitoring is added to my plan.

I have added two-way voice comms and phone contacts to my plan, in an appropriate order before authorities are dispatched.

I then went and armed my system, opened a door which tripped the alarm, and didn’t enter my code. The alarm went off, I got a notification instantly on my phone from Alarm.com app, and I waited with the alarm going off for maybe 20 seconds or so to see if a two-way call or phone call would come through but nothing came in.

I called the customer service line mentioned on the test page (How to Test Your Alarm System with Surety), and support there mentioned that they didn’t see any alerts come through when I tripped the system.

What steps have I missed to ensure that I can properly test the system alerting my contacts and then authorities?

A couple things here will delay the signal.

First, you have dialer delay enabled in your panel. Info on dialer delay is found here:

When two way voice is enabled, there is an additional 26 second delay added by Alarm.com to ensure the alarm signal and two way voice call can be forwarded simultaneously to the monitoring station. This delay cannot be avoided or shortened if you enable two way voice.

Generally I recommend not enabling two way voice if all users in the home have cell phones.

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Ah ha! This is great, I figured I had just missed/misunderstood something.

Appreciate the advice regarding two-way voice. All administrative users will have cell phones, so I’ll disable that on the account for now.

And the dialer delay page says “We generally recommend lowering Dialer Delay to its lowest setting”, so I’ll drop that as low as I can as well.

Thanks for the help!