Switching from 2gig GC3 to IQ2+ 345

Hi. My 2gig unit is dead and I’ve now got an IQ 2+ 345 bought from Surety. Does alarm.com or Surety have an easy way to add all the sensors to the new unit based on the old 2gig one?

Even if it’s not automatic just seeing the relevant device IDs would work as I could easily enter those manually.


Unfortunately no, there is not an automatic way to transfer that data between a Qolsys and a 2GIG panel.

Sensors would need to be added to the Qolsys panel manually. Learning the sensors in is pretty straightforward. To get to the Security Sensor screen for enrollment follow this path:

Pull down the Settings Tray

  • Click Settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Enter Installer Code (default 1111)
  • Installation
  • Devices
  • Security Sensors
  • Auto Learn Sensor

Programming the sensors will be mostly the same as before with the 2GIG panel in terms of settings. The following guides should cover the relevant settings:

This guide covers some common sensor programming in the Qolsys panel. Note that the Source Field will show 345Mhz instead of S-Line/319.5Mhz as listed in the guide. You will also see the added option of choosing the Loop Number when enrolling the 345Mhz sensors.

This guide 2GIG sensor programming will show you the proper loop numbers to select.

Z-Wave devices would need to be removed from the network before adding them. This guide here covers those steps on a Qolsys IQ Panel 2+

Should you have any questions about individual sensor programming, just let us know.