Schlage Model BE469ZP

I have a Qolsys Panel first generation and I cannot get the deadbolt to pair. I have run through tech support at Allegion and the lock excludes from the panel fine but gets a error that it cannot retrieve the manufacturers information. Is there a firmware update to handle this? Thank you

It looks like your panel is at the most recent firmware version available, 1.6.3.

When pairing, are you bringing the lock and panel near one another? You’ll want to bring them withing a few feet during the pairing process and leave them together for about 10 minutes after pairing to ensure secure enrollment between the two.

After removing the lock and retrying via the above means, any change?

No change the panel is next to the lock. It’ seems to be something with the panel not loading the lock.

I know the max locks you can use on the panel is 6. Have you updated the number of locks allowed via programming? I believe the default value is lower.

Settings > Installation > Home Control Settings and increase the number of Locks allowed?

Currently set at 6

Is this the only Schlage BE469ZP in use or are there others?

Has this lock ever worked with this panel before?

This is a new lock. Three other Schlage locks work perfectly.

Are they the same model of Schalge? I ask because the Schlage BE469ZP is not listed as tested compatible with the Qolsys Gen 1 and may be the reason its not pairing.

What steps did you take with Alegion already? Did you reset the lock at any point? (remove batteries, hold schalge logo button, re-insert batteries then let go of the logo)

I have reached out to Qolsys to determine compatibility and will report back any findings.

Did all of that with them. Thanks please let me know what you find.

Qolsys followed up stating that particular model of lock is not tested to be compatible with the Gen 1 panel. So this may be the reason the lock is not pairing. Are the other locks in use the same exact model, Schlage BE469ZP?

However, it is also possible that the lock is faulty as well.

No they are all different models. I had no idea some were not supported. Is the lock supported on the newer model panel? Thank you!

The BE469ZP is listed as tested compatible with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2+. This is the most up to date Z-Wave compatibility guide for the IQ Panel 2+

This one here is for the Gen 1 panel.

Its worth noting that as the Gen 1 only has access to a 3G cellular module, it will need to be replaced at some point in the near future as the 3G sunset looms (2022). At that time the module will no longer be able to communicate with

Is there a new panel on the horizon to wait for or is upgrading now a good time? Thank you.

The 2+ is the most recent Qolsys offering with nothing new on the horizon at this time.

The 2+ sold through Surety includes a 319.5Mhz radio for use with legacy GE/Qolsys sensors as well as Qolsys S-Line encrypted sensors. It has a Z-Wave plus radio , wi-fi, a 4G LTE cellular module and a DSC PowerG radio for use with PowerG encrypted sensors.

Additionally, 4G LTE is the newest cellular architecture compatible with

Tyler is there a smooth transition between panels or does everything have to be reprogrammed in terms of sensors?

Do you have purchase link?


It is possible to run a backup of your panel’s settings and apply some of it to the IQ Panel 2+. User codes and RF Sensor settings can be transferred from the Gen 1 to the IQ Panel 2+. Image sensors, if in use, would need to be removed from the gen 1 panel before the backup is run, as passing this data to the new panel can cause the restoral to fail.

Image Sensors and Z-wave devices cannot be transferred. Z-Wave devices would have to be removed from the network and re-added manually. This guide covers how to do that.

A couple things to note, the IQ Panel 2+ is not compatible with Image Sensors or the secondary panel that pairs with the Gen 1.

Since you already have service through Surety, use this link here, if you decide to purchase the IQ Panel 2+. A complimentary month of service will be applied to your account after purchase, just mention it in the order notes this post.

Hi Guys-

I just got the new panel. I have it installed and followed the directions to swap the panel in the system manager. For whatever reason the security sensors will not trigger the panel when I open and close them. Even if I do a manual add they do not recognize the sensors. These are just normal open/close sensors. Is there a step I am missing?

Thank you!

There are no RF sensor learned into your panel at this time. If you swap the module through System Manager, you would need to add all sensors into the new panel manually.

Sensor programming videos can be found here.

What sensors are you attempting to learn in and how?

Attempting to learn on/off sensors. Literally going up to doors and windows and opening and closing them to learn them. Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

Opening and closing doors and windows is the correct thing to do. Are you following the steps in this video exactly? Using Auto Learn Sensor, not Add Sensor?