Radio Supervision Failure

2gig gc3 was repaired but when I got home and opened door nothing and it wont arm. Cell card working panic on panel works but also rep never asked for password to cancel and when i asked if she needed she said no.

Did you disarm before they called? I had this same question before and the surety staff told me they must get a password for disregard unless you disarm or hit dismiss alarm in the ADC app before they call.

I disarmed but panic still dispatch a cording to her. Last time I had to verify name and password and even do. I offered to tell her password she said it didn’t request however she would cancel. No one came but shocked if true emergency not even asking the pw? I’m still at loss trying to figure panel supervision loss. Thanks

By disarming that signifies you are ok. That is the point of having a duress code or verbal duress code. If a true emergency you would either disarm with your duress code so they would get a verified signal and not call or when they do call you can mention any of your duress words set up in system manager and they would know it is a true alarm but by disarming they were following procedure since they are not required to request password after an abort signal is received.

Can you further explain the supervision loss your original message didn’t provide much information. Also have you run a cell test to see if that resolved the error

Also is it giving you an error when you try to arm?

With keyfob it won’t with panel it says console reciever loss of supervision. It won’t arm nor when I open the door does it show. Since cell l communication was not in home and alarm panel gone for a week would that cause this? Is there an easy fix or do you know? I’ve almost spent the same to replace with new equipment …

Loss of supervision console reciever. It the panel was being repaired. I did run a test first after I got it back home.The test first showed then after waiting a while or power cycled it wouldn’t show then success serial and model numbers 3 of 6. It dispatched panel panic.This am I checked and flashing cell communication message on history and alerts

That’s right thanks

Panel was repaired at shop for battery port broken. He installed motherboard and charging worked. I wonder if being out of range and no power at all for a week caused loss of panel?

Still not arming even from panel and when i open a door or. Window it does nothing or doesnt recognize. Could being repaired no power or battery affect programming?

If he installed a new motherboard then most likely all sensor programming is gone and will have to be relearned for it to see them opening and closing unless you have already done this

As for the rf supervision loss take a look at this thread

I saw that but I only have a cellular module no transceiver

I looked under programing and it was there could it be not communicating panel due to supervision reciever message? Would a hard reset bring it back or should I wait?

I would what for surety to confirm but sounds like it’s a problem with your rf receiver for the sensors so they won’t activate til you have the receiver fixed. I’d have them confirm when they start responding tomorrow but maybe a bad receiver on the motherboard?

Could be I have the gs3e I think have already spent about 170 including fixing and new batteries. If I have to spend anymore I may just purchase new stay with Surety or go back to Brinks they send tech out fix even for battery but pay difference

Hey I just rechecked zones programmed but not communicating properly and when I put new battery in restarted did cell test it was slow first not detected then said ok 3 of 6 no serial or model # then it appeared. Guess 4gelte could go bad. It did however work on panic. One last question mine has network can I configure to work alarm or do I need more equipment to buy?

If you stay with surety I would recommend the iq panel 2 or 4 and most users on here have that panel and can help you troubleshoot more. And I’m confused by your last post is the cellular working now or are you asking about wifi networking