loss of supervision reciever?

my system wont arm and the error is “loss of supervision receiver” what dsoes that mean?

I believe that means the 2GIG control panel is having trouble communicating with the “receiver” module that receives wireless signals from your sensors.

Did you have to install a transceiver in your panel for a TS1 or an image sensor? Did you have to do anything at all to that receiver? You may need to re-seat it. If you mess with it, be careful. It has a lot of little pins that plug into sockets on the control panel and can bend easily. Also, the sockets on the control panel can come loose if you pull it too hard. Don’t mess with it until you have completely powered off you panel and unplugged the battery.

If you open up the back of the panel it’s in the corner. You can see it in the upper-right corner of this pic.

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This video demonstrates installing or reseating a transceiver

Is this what you see?
See: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/146-Need-some-Help-on-the-two-gig-panel

" Unable to arm panel due to loss of supervision of reciever"

Q0 System Config:

Enter AR number