Radio failure "please disarm"

Simon XT
I just power cycled the Simon XT, checked antennae, disconnect power 2 mins, etc. Still radio = 0
X-183vz module. Is this 4G? LTE?
Google search is not showing much.
Do I want to buy 4G? or LTE? Verizon
Radio signal was showing 0, then moving the antennae showed, 5 yesterday.
Normally it’s at least 7 to 11 fwir, a normal reading.
Now it’s at 0 even moving antennae higher.
Is there anything I can do today to get this working asap, it’s urgent.?
The one in zip code ending in xxx17.

I set the alarm manually and it went on for a few minutes “IS-1 failure” … I’m sure it was longer than the normal 45 seconds. then finally went into armed state and was fine for the night.
After a minute or 2 later, it’s saying “please disarm…please disarm…”
Image sensor needs batteries, I’m not worried about that, but wondering why it took so long, and now saying “please disarm”.
How do I trouble shoot the radio?
I was having trouble with a 2nd location the other day and have not yet tried the reset technique advised.
Thank You.

I just added:
X-183vz module. google search looks like it’s a 3G model, will upgrade. Any ideas to get this working for a few days till then?

Do I want to buy 4G? or LTE? Verizon

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing this.

To troubleshoot poor signalling on the Simon panel:

  • Disarm the system
  • Unplug the power supply
  • Open the panel and disconnect the internal battery
  • Remote the module and re-install it. Ensure that the antenna is firmly connected
  • Leave the whole thing powered down for at least 2 minutes.
  • Plug in the battery then the power supply to power up the panel
  • Check Signaling, any change?

The system at that location is using a 3G module. You may experience poor to no signaling regardless of the troubleshooting done due to the 3G sunset. While ADC will support 3G radios until the end of 2022, local resources may be reallocated and you will notice poor signaling. Upgrading to 4G LTE may be necessary.

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More information on obtaining a 4G LTE module can be found below

Thanks, Do you know how i can check if this is 4G LTE? please see pic.

Or this one? A different listing. There is a lot of confusion on listings.
Is there a page that lists the different models and their specs?

you can plug the 15-digit cell module number into this tool here.

Top images belongs to a 3G radio and bottom images looks like an older CDMA module as well.

Dead giveaway is if the module only has one antenna port its 3G, 2 ports is 4G LTE.

This guide below will help identify as well:

Great, thanks very much Tyler!