Question about Surety Complete Plan

We’re looking to get the Surety Complete plan but I have a question about active dispatch that doesn’t seem to be stated on the plan. In the event that something happens and trips an alarm at the house, if you call me and I miss the call do you automatically dispatch a 911 call? Or is it just the phone call to us? Also how do I go about including the MyQ garages plan in addition to the Surety Complete plan I’m trying to purchase?

Hi! I recommend you take a look at the default monitoring procedures to see how the central station responds for certain alarms. You may also be able to make changes to these procedures via the system manager or by making a special request to the Surety team via PM.

As for the MyQ, you can add that on in the system manager once you sign up for the plan. Here’s some info on the setup once you’ve got it enabled

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Good info above, and yes, if you have professional monitoring and our operators are unable to reach your contacts set to be dialed prior to dispatch - and the alarm is not disarmed in that time - they will contact your local emergency dispatchers.

You can adjust your call order prior to burglary alarm dispatch in the system manager after getting your service activated.

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