Qolsys IQ4 Panel Stopped Recognizing all PowerG Sensors/Devices

I have two indoor sirens, a glass break sensor and a new door sensor that all lost connection with my IQ4 panel at exactly the same time today. I’ve tried everything I know to get them to reconnect - removed and reinserted batteries, pressed and held the enrollment buttons, rebooted the panel, disconnected power from the panel and completely hard restarted it. They are all listed as PowerG sensors. The rest of my sensors do not appear on the PowerG sensor list. Even applied a pending panel system software update and deleted the door sensor and the glass break sensor and attempted to re-enroll them. The panel does not recognize either one during the autolearn process. The sirens take special double battery packs that I do not have replacements for but I do have replacement batteries for the door sensor and the glass break sensor. New batteries in both did not resolve my issue with them either. Sirens and glass break sensor have had no connection issues since the system was installed. The door sensor is brand new and was just installed a couple of weeks ago. It was recognized by the autolearn process at that time but is not recognized now.

The first thing I would suggest is making sure you are up to date on the latest firmware. You will need to use the patch tags to update to the latest versions, they will not be downloaded just by tapping the update button.

Steps to update are below:

Any change after updating to 4.4.1?

I was concerned that I may have made an assumption about what model of IQ Panel I have so I checked what my current software version was before any further updates. My software version shows as 2.7.2-ADCS 9.7.6 which is the latest for an IQ panel 2+. Any suggestions for how to address my issues now that I’ve provided correct info about what type of panel I have?

2.7.2 is not the latest version.

Try updating to 2.8.1 via the instructions below. This also contains a critical cell connectivity update.

I updated the panel to software version 2.8.1 and the two devices (indoor sirens) that were showing as unreachable are still showing the same error. I disconnected the batteries from one of them for about 30 seconds and then reconnected them but that did not change the device’s status.

Any difference trying to relearn the other sensor?

If you go to Settings > Advanced Settings > System Tests > Daughter Card Tests and run a PowerG test, does it fail?

If you are still encountering the same issue, you will want to involve your dealer as you may be experiencing hardware failure. I am not seeing a Surety subscription linked to this username. If you use Surety as your service provider, please send us a private message with the Surety subscriber name and service address.

Jason: Thanks for the suggestions. I did contact my dealer and they walked me through a series of steps which ended with removing the daughter card and reinstalling it. After rebooting the panel and waiting a few minutes it recognized the glass break sensor I had removed earlier. I was able to then manually add all of my PowerG devices back into the system and they are working again.