Qolsys IQ Card-Ethernet - QC000B-840

IQ Card-Ethernet - QC000B-840

The IQ Card-Ethernet can be installed in to your IQ Panel 4 to enable ethernet communication.

Notes on using the QC000B-840:

  1. Wi-Fi and Ethernet cannot be used at the same time on the IQ Panel 4. Once the ethernet card is installed, to use Wi-Fi, the ethernet cable must be removed from the card.

  2. Anytime you plug in the ethernet cable, Wi-Fi at the panel is disabled and would need to be re-enabled once you remove the Ethernet cable. The panel will not revert to Wi-Fi automatically if the cable is removed. The card does not need to be removed to do this.

  3. Live View with Alarm.com cameras at the panel is not supported with this integration.

  4. Firmware updates for the IQ Panel 4 must be done over Wi-Fi.

Steps on how to install the IQ Card Ethernet QC000B-840 can be found below: