Qolsys 2+ Remote panel beeing twice every few seconds

One of my remote panels is constantly beeping - not twice/hour, but a double beep every 10 seconds or so. It had shut itself down for some reason, I don’t think there was a power outage. Still beeping after a couple reboots. I don’t see any active alerts, and the main panel isn’t showing anything. Net steps or something specific to check? Thanks

Not showing any specific errors on our end. How long did you leave it powered down when you power cycle it ?

What model number of IQ Remote is it? 9103-840, 9104-840, etc.

Power cycle but leave it off for 10 minutes, then retry. Does this resolve?

Does the IQ Remote work, just with the beep, or is the panel exhibiting any additional issues (cant interact with it, arm/disarm, etc.)

Powered it down for 1+ hours while I went to lunch. Just turned it back on, same beeping problem. Seems to work otherwise - I can arm/disarm, get to menus, etc. Model 9104-840, running 2.7.2 software.

When did this start? It looks like you have a malfunction currently showing on a smoke detector, which is likely the trigger for this.

Have you replaced batteries on that smoke detector? Is the smoke detector beeping at all?

Okay, so the smoke detector is a different story! Maybe related, but… One of our smoke detectors kept going offline even after replacing the batteries, so I just replaced the whole smoke detector with a new one. Now our other smoke detector says it’s offline! It could be beeping because of the warning, but wouldn’t the main panel also be giving a warning?

Smoke Detector (ID = 8) reports the malfunction, indicating it is having issues communicating with the panel. This should appear at the main panel , but could be related.

Steps to address a malfunction can be found here:

Are there any outstanding or unacknowledged Alerts/Alarms at the main panel? (Click top right Surety logo > Alerts Alarms)

The only outstanding alert was the Smoke Detector offline. Power cycling the smoke detector didn’t help, so I removed it from the system completely. No more alerts and the remote panel no longer beeps continuously. I’m still wondering why that panel kept beeping and not any of the other panels? Is there a setting for that? Otherwise, the smoke detector status light is flashing normally, and the test function worked, so it’s a communication problem. I just replaced one detector, I guess I’ll have to replace this one as well?

I recall a change in version 4.2.0 where a couple users reported that Fire and Life Safety Device Trouble Beeps setting under the sound menu was enabled and not able to be edited. Are you able to confirm if you have that enabled and if it is controllable?

Sorry to take so long to reply… That device setting is the problem - the Fire and Life Safety beeps were enabled and I can’t disable them. For now, new smoke detector so no beeping, but does seem like a problem. Thanks

If you update to 2.8.1 do you notice any difference for that setting?