Programming Sensors to IQ 4

I’m about to embark on my dreaded task of converting over my GC2 to IQ4 system.

Can I mount the panel and then program all the sensors from the pace its mounted or to I have to walk the panel around to be close to the sensors? What about z wave sensors as well?

Are their special programming instructions for my Linera Garage door opener sensors as they have the tilt senors. DIdn’t know if there is anything special I had to do.

Any sensors or z wave devices that you can think of that need special programming process?

Alarm sensors can be programmed from their locations, no need to bring the panel close.

Z-wave devices should be learned in close by. It is less important for switches, but distant ones may still need it, and proximity is absolutely necessary for locks.

Nothing would need to be done special for Linear Garage tilt sensors, those are paired to the device, that wouldn’t change.

Based on your device list, the one thing that leaps out are the locks, but I believe in another thread you confirmed they were newer than 2019 models which should be compatible with the new panel.