Product Inquiry

I recently bought a home to airbnb and the home is equiped with a qolsys iq panel 2 and has the honeywell model 0del-th6320zw2003. I am trying to see if this is still useable or what system upgrades I would need.

There are sensors on the doors which show on the panel when the various doors are open and I was told the fire alarm system was integrated into the panel as well; however, there was no current service on the system.

I also have a Yale door lock and a ring doorbell camera installed at the property as well. What products will integrate and which products would need to ultimate be replaced?

My main concern and objective is to get the AC thermostat to where it can be controlled remotely and set limits for how low or how high the temperature could be set by guests.

Thanks for time and assistance in advance.

The IQ Panel 2 and any devices there that are connected to it are compatiblw with Surety.

The first step to determine if the panel can be activated is to check the IMEI. Service is purchased on our website and for the thermostat and lock devices you would need the Home plan for remote management of those automation devices.

The IMEI can be found printed on the back of the panel on a sticker.

Ring Doorbells are not compatible or integrated with the system. Cameras compatible with the service are listed below: