New System - Question about Alexa Routine

We just installed our new panel and security system on our second home in VT. We are pretty impressed with how amazing and flexible this system is compared to the awful simplisafe system we have been using in our main home for a few years now.

At our primary residence we have Arlo cameras set up so that it records motion and also when it senses someone coming down our driveway it triggers certain lights to come on at the property and we are able to do this through the integration with Amazon Echo.

I tried to add the skill to Echo last night so that I could set the VT property up so that when the 2 cameras sense motion it will trigger the specified lights to turn on but I am not able to find the cameras the same way I am with the Arlo skill. I am hoping there is a way to do this as I need to be able to this so that when people come on the property the house will light up. We are using all TP-Link switches, and plugs to connect our lights to the internet.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Unfortunately I don’t believe you’ll be able to do this in the manner you are suggesting. The skill for Alexa allows you to manually trigger a recording by voice, but camera triggered activity is not supported afaik.

You can set up similar rules in analytics however with Z-wave lights connected to your alarm panel. motion analytics rules can trigger specific Z-wave lights. Analytics is supported on the Protect and Complete plans with certain camera models. Read more here.

That is extremely disappointing. The entire reason I purchased this system was because I previously asked if it was Echo compatible and was told that it was. Unfortunately Z-Wave lights are not an option as we use Tp-Link for our power automations. This seems like a major flaw in the integration. Are there any coming plans to fix this or should I just return the system? Thanks

Alexa integration through is possible. Home automation control via the panel is done primarily through Z-Wave not wi-fi. Alexa integration and control of those devices through and Alexa integration can be found here.

Arlo and TP-Link wifi switches would not be integrated.

Should you need to make any returns, please submit your request to us via email at or via Private Message. You can find our return policy here.

Thank you for the info Tyler. Unfortunately the smart home skill does not work with the outdoor security cameras. I am not trying to integrate TP-link with I am trying to get the Smart Home app to work with the security cameras so that when motion is triggered on the outdoor security cameras I can set Alexa routines that then control all my other Alexa integrated devices. I am assuming that these cameras are not going to work with the alexa app because they are not z-wave and do not communicate with the panel directly?

Currently, the Smart Home skill supports lights (On/Off and dimmer) and thermostats.

To control paired locks, garage doors, video cameras and security systems, enable the skill .

Control of compatible cameras through Alexa is limited to verbally requesting recordings, such as: “Alexa, ask to record a clip on the Living Room camera” using the Skill

It is not possible to trigger Alexa routines based on motion/object detection from an compatible camera via the Smart Home Skill I have made this a feature request to but there is no ETA on if/when it would be implemented.

Thanks Tyler. Hopefully it is implemented very soon. In the meantime I will have to install Arlo cameras just for the ability to do what I need. Otherwise the system is excellent.