New Owners Old System & No Idea of Code to Disarm

Long Story :

We purchased the house awhile back with an system already installed. The old owners were locked into a contract so we couldn’t pick up the system until they settled their account.

Come Thanksgiving we set the smoke detectors off and thus set the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 off. The fire truck came and was overall pretty embarrassing. I wasn’t even aware this thing was plugged up to call the fire department. I call the alarm company the next morning, and they say the account was settled and that they have deactivated everything and deleted the account with and I could move over to whomever I want. Problem #1 solved.

Next Problem: There is now a big giant ALARM ENTER CODE TO DISARM of which the previous company isn’t aware of the code, and old owners sort of dodged the question when I inquired. I am still waiting to hear back from the original company about an “installer code”.

I called and they said just go to another company and since I have the panel is released and I can give the IMEI to the new company and they should be able to reset the codes or factory reset the panel. Since everything is already installed I went with Surety and was hoping that the alarm message would go away. The online account all looks good. Just seems to be the panel that is the issue still. I wonder how I can get a new code setup on this thing and start using this system.

Armed and Disarmed, and looks like it is working as expected now! Now I need to figure out how to setup my own code!

It looks like your panel has indeed begun communication with us. You should be able to send a disarm command via at this time if you have an active alarm.

You can then set/edit your users codes by following the steps below: